Clarity on Climate: Beyond Net Zero with Professor Michael Mann

Sat June 03, 7:00 pm

This event is happening in-person.

Melbourne, Australia

We're well past the point of turning things around, and our future holds sea levels rising by up to 2.5m, global temperatures continuing to climb, and longer, more intense weather events. How we got here isn’t a mystery, but, luckily, what we need to do next isn’t either. Join Professor Michael Mann (who has helped elevate our understanding of global temperatures historically, and where we might be headed next) to explore how Net Zero needs to be a milestone towards greater, more sustained change, not the ultimate goal. He will take you through what science says needs to be done, from high-level actions that global powers and corporations must adopt, to lower-level ones that we as individuals can work into our daily lives. Don't be disheartened - we're on the right track. Now it's about laying a path towards a better future. Come along to see what it looks like.

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