2017 Conference and Induction Ceremony (International Green Industry Hall of Fame)

Fri October 06, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Clovis | CA

     The International Green Industry Hall of Fame welcomes you to our 7th annual Conference and Induction Ceremony. This year we're honored to co-host the 2017 event at the Clovis Veterans Memorial District (CVMD) on Friday, October 6.

     We acknowledge and celebrate those who are implementing innovative and sustainable alternatives to environmentally-harmful products and practices. We are delighted to be recognizing our new cohort of these movers and shakers at our Induction Ceremony.  

     In alignment with the CVMD, the theme of this year's event is "Air, Land and Sea". Our conference will feature panel discussions that surround these international environmental topics, and will include exhibitors and keynote speakers. Please see the event agenda in the cover photo for an introduction to the event. 

     Join us in commemorating the success and future potential of the green industry. We welcome all to our event, and we look forward to promoting the stories of our next group of Inductees.

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