Public Disapproval of Disruptive Climate Change Protests

By Shawn Patterson Jr. and Michael E. Mann

Past and future ocean warming

By Lijing Chen, Karina von Schuckmann, John P. Abraham, Kevin E. Trenberth, Michael E. Mann et al. for Nature Reviews Earth & Environment

Climate change threatens terrestrial water storage over the Tibetan Plateau

Xueying Li and collaborators, including Dr. Mann, quantifed terrestrial water storage (TWS) for the Tibetan Plateau and project that there will be declines under mid-range carbon emissions scenario by the mid-twenty-first century.

2022 North Atlantic Hurricane Season prediction released

ESSC scientists Michael E. Mann and Daniel J. Brouillette and ESSC alumnus Michael Kozar have released their seasonal prediction for the 2022 North Atlantic hurricane season.  The prediction is for another above-normal season.  

Study shows that ITCZ responses to external forcing are region-specific

Byron Steinman, and collaborators including Dr. Mann, analyzed paleoclimate records of precipitation change in the neotropics and climate model simulations that span the preindustrial last millennium to assess ITCZ behavior on multicentury timescales. 

Another record: Ocean warming continues through 2021 despite La Niña conditions

Lijing Cheng, and numerous collaborators including Dr. Michael E. Mann, have extended previous research to conclude that the world’s oceans were again record warm in 2021, for the sixth consecutive year, despite the presence of La Niña conditions.

Heat stress in U.S. may double by the end of the century

Dr. Michael E. Mann and collaborators Sourav Mukherjee (lead author), Ashok Kumar Mishra, and Colin Raymond published a study that shows that areas of the United States with increasing populations will likely experience even higher increases in heat stress.

The 2021 North Atlantic Hurricane Season: Penn State ESSC Forecast

ESSC scientists Dr. Michael E. Mann and Daniel J. Brouillette and alumnus Dr. Michael Kozar have released their seasonal prediction for the 2021 North Atlantic hurricane season, which officially starts on 1 June and runs through 30 November.

Apparent Atlantic warming cycle likely an artifact of climate forcing

ESSC scientists Dr. Michael E. Mann and Daniel J. Brouillette and alumni scientists Dr. Byron Steinman and Sonya Miller are co-authors of a study that shows that the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation is not due to natural factors but, rather, due to the climate forcings of human influence and volcanic eruptions.

Increasing ocean stratification over the past half-century

Dr. Mann with an international team of climate scientists have published the article talking about increasing ocean stratification that decreases ocean productivity and reduces carbon burial.