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La inacción climática ["climate inaction"] (Mar 31, 2021)

Great review (en espanol) of The New Climate War by Nelson Lagos for 

New Book Explains We Can Still Reverse the Effects of Climate Change (Mar 20, 2021)

Dr. Mann's interview earlier today about The #NewClimateWar with KCBS Radio's Liz Saint John

Klimaforscher über 'Fakten und Propaganda (Mar 19, 2021)

Dr. Mann's interview about the #NewClimateWar with Susanne Götze of DER SPIEGEL

Michael E Mann explains why the climate crisis is a war (Mar 13, 2021)

Dr. Mann's interview about The New Climate War with Hannah Westwater of The Big Issue

Humans are likely cause of shift in Atlantic hurricane cycles, climate study suggests (Mar 5, 2021)

Dr. Mann's interview with Stephanie Weaver of Fox News / FOX 10 News about the new study, and Dr. Mann's new book

Worried about climate change? There's a book for that (Mar 4, 2021)

By Ned Parker for Reuters: "As the warming world faces raging forest fires, rising seas and increasingly erratic weather, there has been a boom in books about climate change." 

A 20-Year-Old Climate Mystery Has Finally Been Explained (Mar 4, 2021)

Article by Eric Roston and Brian K Sullivan for Bloomberg Green

Mann on Gates: Climate Scientist Says Microsoft Founder 'Wrong-Headed' on Climate Solutions" (Mar 3, 2021)

Dr. Mann's interview on The New Climate War with Brad Friedman of The Brad Blog 

Nobel Climate Scientist Michael Mann on Denier Tactics and Idioc‪y‬ (Feb 28, 2021)

Dr. Mann talked with Al Franken about Texas The New Climate War, winter storm disaster, and much more

How will weaker currents in the Atlantic Ocean affect global climates? (Feb 25, 2021)

Dr. Mann's interview with KCBS Radio about the new "collapsing ocean conveyor belt circulation" article

Weather Q&A: The New Climate War (Feb 22, 2021)

Dr. Mann's interview with David Yeomans with KXAN News of Austin TX.

Dr. Michael E. Mann | The New Climate War (Feb 18, 2021)

Dr. Mann's conversation with Jen Perelman and Peter Hager of JENerationalChange

Is Climate Change Bigger In Texas? (Feb 17, 2021)

Dr. Mann interviewed with Thom Hartmann about the recent texas winter event and climate change.

BBC Radio 4 Interview (Feb 16, 2021)

Dr. Mann discussed the New Climate War with SImon Jack on The BBC Radio 4 Today programme. The conversation begins around 2:40:48.

Why we shouldn't fall for the ‘climate doom porn’ narrative (Feb 15, 2021)

Clip from Dr. Mann's recent interview with BBC NEWS/ BBC World Service NewsHour

Climate Scientist Reveals Culprits in War Against Science (Feb 15, 2021)

Dr. Mann's recent interview with Eric Schwartzman about The New Climate War

Juice Podcast 19 | The New Climate War (Feb 15, 2021)

Dr. Mann's latest conversation with Giordano of The Juice Media.

Dr Michael E Mann on fighting a new climate war (Feb 14, 2021)

Dr. Mann's interview on Radio New Zealand's Jesse Mulligan RNZ Afternoons

A Mann for All Seasons (Feb 13, 2021)

A cute video made by Brian McFadden

Late Night Live with Phillip Adams (Feb 10, 2021)

Dr. Mann discussed the New Climate War with Phillip Adams on Late Night Live