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Blog reviews

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We've read Michael Mann's "The New Climate War" so you don't have to — Toxorial

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If you read only two books this year make them The New Climate War and Silent Earth — Prof Jeff Ollerton for

Michael E. Mann: The New Climate War. The Fight to Take Back the Planet — Martin Hudymač for Medium

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The New Climate War - a brief review — Peter Gardner for

The New Climate War by Michael Mann — Leonid Schneider for For Better Science


"Mann hits hard on disinformation, exposing how corporations (led by the fossil fuel industry) have delayed climate action and deflected blame. He also holds no punches on the questionable narratives and arguments that have worked their way into the climate debate. This book is blunt, but you will come out of it more equipped to navigate your own feelings on various climate solutions."

Rosana Xia, LA Times

"Fossil fuel companies have, for decades longer than I have been alive, been the largest contributors to the climate crisis that affects my generation today--all in pursuit of profits and growth. In The New Climate War, Michael Mann holds them to account, and shows us how we can take the bold steps we must all take together to win the battle to save this planet."

Greta Thunberg, climate activist

"This book takes the reader behind the front lines into the decades long information war waged by the fossil fuel industry and those that share their interests. From his perspective as a leader in the battle for scientific reason, Michael Mann provides hope and a roadmap for all of us to address the systemic issues fueling climate change, and shows how we can come together to wage a new war in the fight for our future."

Leonardo DiCaprio, actor and environmentalist

"Few people bear more scars from the climate wars than Michael Mann--and few have fought longer and harder for a basic, rational approach to dealing with this greatest of crises. Because of his persistence--and that of so many others--we are finally making progress!"

Bill McKibben, author of Falter: Has the Human Game Begun to Play Itself Out?​

"With this book, Michael Mann details the challenges we face from enemies ("inactivists") both without and within while dropping critically important breadcrumbs for us to follow to lead us out of the forest of despair and set us on the path of victory in a battle we must win. We need an army of Michaels, stat!"

Don Cheadle, actor, activist, UN global goodwill ambassador

"Pulling no punches, Michael Mann lays out our predicament and tells the shocking story of persistent climate denial and corporate deception. We are in a war for the planet, but one we are now on the verge of winning. And he deftly cuts through the propaganda and shows us the path forward."

Jerry Brown, California governor, 1975-1983, 2011-2019

"Mann shows that corporations and lobbyists have been successful in convincing us that climate change will be fine, if we just recycle our bottles and turn out the lights. Instead, he says, global warming is a problem way too hot for any one person to handle. He's optimistic though, because he sees what we really can and will do. Read his book, and let's get to work."

Bill Nye, Science Educator, CEO The Planetary Society

"For over two decades, Michael Mann has been our Janus at the gates, defending climate science from corporate-funded insinuations of confusion and suspicion. We would not have progressed this far had it not been for his unflinching and brilliant rejoinders to the traffickers of doubt. This chronicle of ongoing climate injustice may make you mad, but hopefully it will make us act. This is the only civilization we have. Mann is its resolute champion once again."

Paul Hawken, Founder, Project Drawdown

"The New Climate War is an insightful treatise on how the polluting fossil fuel industry and their right-wing allies have deflected the blame for the climate crisis. The book charts a common sense course for collective actions to force government and corporations to make real solutions to the climate crisis-an existential threat to humanity and the planet."

Robert D. Bullard, Professor of Urban Planning and Environmental Policy at Texas Southern University


"The New Climate War is engaging, approachable, and ultimately deeply uplifting. Mann outline a hopeful vision of the transformation we must undertake in order to create a better, brighter future on this planet."

Sasha Sagan, Author of For Small Creatures Such As We


"Blunt, lucid… Consistently displaying his comprehensive command of climate science and the attendant politics…An expert effectively debunks the false narrative of denialism and advocates communal resistance to fossil fuels.

Kirkus Reviews


"Michael Mann skillfully explains the complicated dynamics of global warming and vividly portrays the sophisticated and coordinated campaign by polluters to block the policies and solutions needed to solve the climate crisis."

Al Gore, Former U.S Vice President


"A fascinating journey through the minds and motivations of the champions of climate denialism as well as the more recent climate doomists. Along the way, we learn of the unequivocal scientific evidence and the rapid evolution of technological solutions. Most importantly, public opinion finally seems to be at a 'tipping point' to catalyze political will to leave the next generation a sustainable world - and not a moment too soon!"

Rosina Bierbaum, former Acting Director of OSTP


"An engrossing mix of footnoted history, acerbic political commentary and personal anecdotes."

Science News


“This book is a must read not just for people currently working to address climate change but also for those who are new to the climate fight, the latter of whom will learn much about past challenges, struggles, and attacks that have been aimed at climate champions.”



"Michael Mann has written a book about climate change that you not only need to read, but will want to read. It's eye-opening and even fun.”

Alden Mudge, Book Page


"It is hard to overstate the timely value of Michael Mann’s latest book, “The New Climate War: The Fight to Take Back Our Planet.”

Centre Daily Times


"prose rattles along, entertaining and horrifying us in equal measure as he exposes scientists, politicians, the conservative media and other supposed experts who have slowed climate action by caring more about the interests of big industry."

Philippa Nuttall Jones, The New Statesman


Michael Mann may or may not be a Climate Jedi, but he is a climate smart guy and The New Climate War is a must read

Donald Right, The Globe and Mail


a call to arms in the new war against "inactivists"

Bob Ward, The Guardian


The New Climate Wars is a punchy, provocative, informed…take on the [climate] crisis, by a respected voice in the climate science and communications field

John Gibbons, The Irish Times


Mann makes a convincing case that the fight against climate action continues — under different terms of engagement.

Pilita Clark, The Financial Times


The New Climate War makes a compelling case both for revising the global Green New Deal and for counteracting disinformation from climate sceptics.

John MeagherThe Independent (of Ireland)


The New Climate War is a detailed, passionate, and insightful overview of the latest schemes by fossil fuel interests and their minions to halt or delay a transition to a clean energy economy.

Jake WhitneyThe Progressive


The book's reflections on the manipulation of public discourse and how to resist the unhelpful trends of modern thinking are not just interesting and varied, they are important.

David FerrellThe Canberra Times


The New Climate War is a detailed, passionate, and insightful overview of the latest schemes by fossil fuel interests and their minions to halt or delay a transition to a clean energy economy.

Sorcha HamiltonThe Irish Times


In the New Climate War..Mann points out how...fossil fuel interests have shifted focus from discrediting the science to decelerating action to transform the carbon economy.

Art Flynn, The Irish Examiner


An important addition to the pushback against inaction and doom that has delayed action against climate change for too long and led too many to surrender without even a fight.

David Biello, Sierra Magazine


In this extensively researched book, Mann outlines a plan to hold corporations and governments more accountable for slowing climate change.

Ellen Wanamaker, Ames Tribune


Mann's voice is especially powerful on the subject.

David Montgomery, The Washington Post


He wants to keep the focus on systemic rather than individual change, and explains why that's so important. He criticises the denialists, and greed of the corporate bodies who fund them. In doing those things, his book is an asset for us all.

David Renton, The Ecologist


In this extensively researched book, Mann outlines a plan to hold corporations and governments more accountable for slowing climate change.

Max Spokes, The Oxford Blue


"Mann believes this 'new war' can be won, and he charts a clear path forward."

Sue Gilmore, Bay City News


"The #NewClimateWar is a wonderfully confrontational book. Passage after passage reminded me of my daughter’s favorite phrase: 'shots fired!'"

David Robbins, The Independent (Ireland)


"Mann has combined the roles of groundbreaking scientific researcher, compelling popular communicator, and courageous activist in a way few have since Carl Sagan. His latest book, The New Climate War, provides a thoughtful perspective on the forces impeding meaningful climate action”

David Carlin, Forbes


"Mann offers readers an absorbing and accessible take on an alarming pattern that stands to shape the course of climate action—and our collective future."

Rebecca M. Peters, Chatham House (UK)


"an important and highly recommended read."

Dan Rather, SiriusXM


"This incisive volume will assist the creation of a much-needed collective effort, helping to frame a unified approach to waging combat on those who are destroying the environment for the sake of short term profit."

Ed Meek, The Arts Fuse


"a fascinating untangling of the intricate web of misinformation, misdirection and deflection perpetuated by the fossil fuel industry since climate change became an incontrovertible reality."

Deena Robinson,


"Mann’s book, aimed at everyone from young students to longtime activists, alerts the public to the tactics and stakes of this new climate war, and arms readers with the weapons to fight it."

Oliver Lazarus, National Center for Science Education Summer Newsletter


"[The New Climate War] dreams of a common future of humanity by upholding coexistence between nature and man [and] seeks ways of symbiosis and cooperation."

K Sahdevan, CounterCurrents


"All three of these books are well worth reading, but if I had to pick one of them to recommend, it would probably be Mann's."

Gabriel Carlyle, PeaceNews


"his book can jolt you out of despair and 'doomism' over climate change."

Jean Boivin, Blackrock Investment Institute


"an important and timely book - well worth reading."

Stephen Shenfield, WSPUS Newsletter


"An engaging, well-documented book about climate politics and the industrial and political forces that have resisted the science of climate change and continue to manipulate and distort public perceptions about its causes and effects."

Susan Glick, Seacoast Online


"[The New Climate War] is a book relevant to people everywhere, and especially those in our region concerned about environmental change."

Richard Frost, Adirondack Daily Enterprise


"[The New Climate War] explains very clearly, with researched facts, that the focus on individual behaviors to slow climate chaos is the result of a marketing campaign that has succeeded in guilt tripping the individual and deflecting responsibility from the fossil fuel companies, where it belongs."

Ruah Swennerfelt, Friends Journal


"Mann’s book is enlightening. Despite the seriousness of the subject, his book entertains, raises awareness, and inspires optimism. That is how we fight for the climate."

Claudia Detsch, IPS Journal


"a brilliant study of how fossil fuel companies are already changing their tune in this way, and why we shouldn’t listen to them"

The Times of London (UK)


"Mann is an excellent communicator, and his book is also a very good place to find out what the current climate science actually does and does not say.”

--Bibek Bhattacharya, Mint

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