AI-Accelerated Assessments of Climate and Weather Risks

Tue February 27, 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm

Access to accurate information about climate risks is essential for a wide range of critical decisions, from individual real estate purchases to municipal rainwater management and the pricing of insurance for wildfire risks. Currently, the demand for detailed climate and weather risk assessments surpasses the capabilities of existing climate models. To bridge this gap, we need a transformative improvement in both the accuracy and usability of climate predictions. In this workshop, Prof. Schneider will argue for achieving this advancement by leveraging artificial intelligence, building upon domain-specific knowledge, and generating ensembles of moderately high-resolution climate simulations. Such simulations can then anchor an ecosystem of detailed hazard models. 

The AI and Climate Change workshop series is organized by the Penn Program on Regulation and is made possible in part by funding from the Environmental Innovations Initiative. We also thank the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy, Center for Technology, Innovation & Competition,  Warren Center for Network and Data Sciences, and Wharton Climate Center for their co-sponsorship of the series.

Snacks and other refreshments will be served.

The workshop is free of charge, open to the public, and will be held in person. For more information and registration, click here.