Beginning to End the Climate Crisis – A Discussion with Climate Activists

Mon April 03, 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

German climate activist Luisa Neubauer has been dubbed the “Greta” of Germany and recently named a 2022 TIME100 Next. She is one of the primary organizers behind Fridays for Future in Germany. She has helped mobilize 1.4 million youth in Germany, and has spoken openly about her beliefs that the politicians and media are ignoring the climate crisis. Together with fellow climate activist Alexander Repenning, who works for the Right Livelihood Foundation, which annually awards the ‘Alternative Nobel Prize,’ she penned a book on how the youth can contribute to ending the climate crisis. Beginning to End the Climate Crisis by German climate activists Luisa Neubauer and Alexander Repenning has been newly translated to English by Sabine von Mering. This book will show you through the authors’ experience how you can take action in securing a better future for humanity in the face of climate change.

Join the Penn Center for Science, Sustainability and the Media for a panel discussion with German climate activists and authors Luisa Neubauer and Alexander Repenning, Brandeis University professor and book translator Sabine von Mering, climate and human rights advocate and Penn Student Sabirah Mahmud, and Penn climate scientist and science communicator Michael Mann. This panel discussion will focus on debunking myths around climate change, discussing system and structural changes needed for human action, and how Luisa, Alexander, and Sabirah have used their platforms and actions to mobilize youth activists and the youth climate movement.

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