CLIMATE & DEMOCRACY: Youth-Driven Climate Action: Power and Potential

Thu September 21, 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

A panel discussion with ASTER CHAU (Academy at Palumbo), AMAN SHARMA (Penn C’26), JULIA OLSON (Our Children’s Trust), moderated by MICHAEL MANN (Penn).

AS THE EFFECTS OF A CHANGING CLIMATE become clearer each year, in forms ranging from extreme weather to bleached corral, many of the most powerful and effective advocates for climate action are young people who foresee truly catastrophic consequences within their lifetimes. In movements including Fridays for Future, Sunshine, and The Last Generation, youth are driving meaningful climate action around the globe through governmental and extra-governmental channels. For the inaugural event in the CLIMATE AND DEMOCRACY series, the Mitchell Center and the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities are honored to host three activists in a conversation about the power and potential of youth activism and intergenerational alliances for climate action:

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