Dr. Mann Speaking at the MT2030 Climate Solutions Summit

Tue September 20, 10:30 am

Breckenridge, CO

About Mountain Towns 2030: Our mountain and outdoor communities have crossed the line from being aware of what climate change could look like to experiencing the impacts every day. With record-setting heat, shorter winters, mega-droughts causing devastating wildfires and half-full rivers and lakes, climate change is an omnipresent and visible threat to the communities we love. As four-season tourist destinations, climate change presents immediate and overwhelming risks to our businesses, our livelihoods and our mountain culture.

The MT2030 Climate Solutions Summit

Breckenridge, CO Sept. 20-22, 2022

The MT2030 Climate Solutions Summit is the annual gathering of key stakeholders from our mountain and outdoor communities: local government elected officials, staff and sustainability teams, ski resorts, business and community leaders, working together to implement bold ideas to meet the zero-carbon commitment.

Taking place at Breckenridge’s Riverwalk Center and at various small group locations throughout the downtown Arts District, the Summit will emphasize real action over just more talk.

The unique, collaborative format of the Summit features inspirational keynotes and conversations with some of our nation’s foremost climate, community, and business voices, with collaborative workshops that put ideas into tangible action.

Every attendee will leave the Summit with a fresh perspective of what real climate leadership is, a network of colleagues, and the tools to accelerate your climate action planning in your communities.

Dr. Mann's Keynote Address: Vested interests profiting from our reliance on fossil fuels and their enablers in the policy and media arenas have for decades sought to undermine the scientific consensus behind human-caused climate change. The motive? Forestalling efforts to decarbonize our economy. As the impacts of climate change have now become too obvious to deny, the forces of inaction—the inactivists–have now instead engaged in a multi-pronged strategy of distraction, deflection, division, and despair-mongering. They have (a) pursued a divide-and-conquer strategy of sowing division among climate activists and advocates, (b) deflected attention from systemic change and regulatory policy solutions to personal behaviour, (c) promoted false solutions that enable the continued burning of fossil fuels at the very root of the problem and (d) fomented doomist framing that disempowers us by making catastrophic change now seem inevitable. Dr. Michael Mann will discuss what we can do to fight back, emphasizing the importance of both urgency AND agency in the effort to save our planet from catastrophic warming.

Dr. Mann will be the keynote speaker discussing his book The New Climate War at the 2022 Mountain Towns 2030 Climate Solution Summit in Breceknridge, CO. Please see the Summit's link for more information on registration.

Link to Event: https://www.mt2030.org/our-work/mt2030summit/