Michael Mann: It’s not too late to prevent climate catastrophe

Wed May 15, 8:00 pm

“We haven’t yet exceeded the bounds of viable human civilisation”, climate scientist Michael Mann argues, “but we’re getting close.”

Date: Wednesday 15 May 2024
Times: 8pm-9pm (BST)

Join Mann for this livestreamed and interactive event as he discusses his latest book, Our Fragile Moment. In this sweeping work of science and history, Mann has trawled back through the Earth’s climate history in order to see our potential futures more clearly. He shows us the conditions on Earth that allowed humans not only to exist but thrive, and how we are imperilled if we veer off course. With this knowledge, he argues, we can better understand the gravity of the unfolding crisis, and what we can do about it.

Mann, distinguished professor of atmospheric science at Penn State, rose to fame with the publication of the ‘hockey stick chart’, which was the clearest evidence of the links between human emissions and global warming. In this livestreamed event he will set out the political action we need to save and shape our future.