Is Solar Geoengineering a Viable Tool in the Climate Policy Arsenal?

Wed April 19, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

As the planet nears the critical warming threshold of 1.5C (3F), a class of controversial climate interventions, often described under the umbrella term of  “Geoengineering”—the intentional manipulation of Earth’s planetary environment to offset the warming effects of carbon pollution–are coming increasingly into focus on the national and international policy stage. Such manipulations potentially include what’s called “solar geoengineering” or “Solar Radiation Management” , which refer to efforts to reduce the surface warming by the Sun (e.g. through the periodic injection of reflective particles into the stratosphere to mimic the cooling by an explosive volcanic eruption). They also include approaches to capture carbon from the atmosphere, followed by subsequent storage beneath Earth’s surface or in the deep ocean, known as carbon dioxide removal.

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