What is ESG? Why It Matters and Why You Should Pay Attention

Mon March 20, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Philadelphia, PA

ESG—short for Environmental, Social and Governance—is all the buzz in the business and investment worlds. But what exactly is ESG? And why should you care about it? While business firms are increasingly taking steps to consider how their actions both are affected by and impact these factors, the use of ESG has also elicited strong pushback from investors, politicians, and others.  This panel event moderated by Dr. Michael Mann will bring together panelists with expertise in ESG from Wharton and industry to explore the ins and outs of ESG, why it has become so important, as well as to explain the controversies. Panelists will include Vit Henisz, Vice Dean and Faculty Director, ESG Initiative and Deloitte & Touche Professor of Management, Sarah Light, Faculty Co-Director of the Wharton Climate Center and Associate Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics, Claudine Gartenberg, Assistant Professor of Management, Lolita Jackson MBE, executive director of sustainable cities at Sustainable Development Capital LLP, and another soon-to-be-anonounced panelist.


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