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The Whole Truth with David Eisenhower (July 21, 2020)

Dr. Mann had an interview with David Eisenhower for WHYY Television

Pandemic shows climate has never been treated as crisis, say scientists -- Letter signed by Greta Thunberg urges EU leaders to act immediately on global heating (July 16, 2020)

Matthew Taylor, via The Guardian, draws analogy between climate and the pandemic, reporting on the recent letter signed by Greta Thunberg, Dr, Mann, and many other top scientists for...

Climate change will cause more extreme wet, dry seasons (July 15, 2020)

Yahoo News comments on Dr. Mann's recent Nature Communications study.

Postal Workers Are Dying In Heat Waves. It’s Only Going To Get Hotter (July 15, 2020)

Dave Jamieson for HuffPost depicts how the heat waves could exert health risk at postal workers.

Warm temperatures baked Earth in the first half of 2020 (July 14, 2020)

Mark Kaufaman for Mashable illustrates the concerning trend of warming temperatures in 2020.

NCCCA Interview with Distinguished Climate Scientist Dr. Michael Mann (July 10, 2020)

Dr. Mann had an interview with journalist Steve Horn at the North Climate Change Alliance Zoom event

Does This Pink Snow in the Italian Alps Spell Global Warming? (July 10, 2020)

CaseQ. for ITechPost explains how the recent ponk snow found in Intalian could signal clues of global warming

A Green Future: Race: Gender: Environment Ep 1 CLIMATE CHANGE with Dr. Michael Mann (July 10, 2020)

Dr. Mann had a conversation with Heidi Hutner & Dennis Yerry in the inaugural "A Green Future" Webinar Series event

Climate Change Heats Up: Can We Survive? (July 8, 2020)

Dr. Mann had an interview with Thom Hartmann

Environmental Justice Wins, Pipelines Lose (July 8, 2020)

Tina Gerhardt's article for The Progressive Magazine

Bizarre "pink snow" in the Alps is actually a bad omen for Earth (July 7, 2020)

Matthew Rozsa for Salon explains why the "pink snow" is not a good sign for the earth.

Climate economics Nobel may do more harm than good (July 6, 2020)

Marlowe Hood's article for Agence France-Presse / International Business Times

Dem climate plan would end greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 (June 30, 2020)

Matthew Daly for Associated Press reveals the plan carried out by Democrats to end greenhouse emissions.

'Nowhere to hide': South Pole warms up with climate change a factor (June 30, 2020)

Peter Hannam for the Sydney Morining Herald explains how climate change is acting as a factor to warm up the South Pole with quotes from Dr. Mann.

"Michael Mann: The New Climate War (June 28, 2020)

Dr. Mann had a conversation with Dan Jones for the ClimateScientists Podcast

Power To Save: Coronavirus affecting climate change? (June 25, 2020)

Dr. Mann was on WNEP-TV talking with meteorologist John Hickey about the climate crisis, the COVID19 pandemic, and the path forward.

Siberia: Temperature 104° Degrees – WHAT? (June 23, 2020)

Dr. Mann is interviewed by Thom Hartmann about the unprecedented Arctic heat, what it portends & the path forward on climate


Dr. Mann joined with other National Academy of Sciences members in signing names to the statement to restore science-based policy in government.

Arctic Circle may have recorded its highest-ever temperature as Siberian town hits 100.4°F (June 22, 2020)

Mihika Basu's article reporting on the new extreme temperature recorded in Arctic Circle for MEAWW

Stanford Seminar - Coming Attractions: Death or Utopia in the Next Three Decades (June 20, 2020)

Video record of the panel discussion at Stanford University that have Dr. Mann participated in recently


Dr. Mann‘s twitter account is selected one of the "The Climate Group's Top 100 Twitter Accounts 2020” by The Climate Groups.

COVID Will Pass, Climate Change Won’t (June 11, 2020)

Dr. Mann's short commentary for the topic "What Comes After the Pandemic" roundtable in the summer 2020 issue of California Magazine

Michael Mann Fought Climate Denial. Now He’s Fighting Climate Doom (June 11, 2020)

Bryan Schatz for California Magazine depict a profile of Dr. Mann fighting hard against those who think the climate fight is futile.

A Drop in Sulfate Emissions During the Coronavirus Lockdown Could Intensify Arctic Heatwaves (June 10, 2020)

Gloria Dickie for Insideclimate news explains why a drop in sulfate emission could lead to short-term warming and generate arctic heatwaves.

Greta Thunberg looks to UN security council election for leverage on climate (June 10, 2020)

Mann Joins Grata Thunberg and other climate advocates in raising "grave concerns" about Arctic nations' policies to expand and subsidize fossil fuel extraction

The coronavirus' next victim? Capitalism (June 7, 2020)

"The pandemic has exposed how political attacks on science are the only way to maintain the capitalist order," says Matthew Rozsa for Salon

Is Hurricane Season Starting Earlier This Season? (June 7, 2020)

Dr. Mann talks with Tommy Tucker of WWL Radio New Orleans about climate change and coastal threat as Tropical Storm Cristobal beas down on Lousiana.

101 on Climate Change with Professor Michael E. Mann (June 2, 2020)

Dr. Mann's online climate change course via United Nations Global Compact Network Australia

Prioritize people over pollution (June 1, 2020)

Dr. Mann pens an op-ed with Andrea McGimsey of Environment America in The Hill

The New Climate War: The Fight to Take Back Our Planet available for pre-order (June 1, 2020)

Dr. Mann's new book, "The New Climate War: The Fight To Take Back Our Planet" is now available for re-order via multiple outlets in the link below: 

Takedown of "Planet of the Humans" (May 24, 2020)

Jon Bowermaster of the Radio Kingston WKNY Green Radio Hour interviews Josh Fox, Robert Stone and Michael Mann about Michael Moore's misguided movie

Atlantic Hurricanes Will be More Frequent and More Severe This Season (May 22, 2020)

Will Peischel depicts a big picture on this hurricane season for Mother Jones

Interview with MSNBC Live with Katy Tur on Coronavirus, Carbon, Climate & the Change

Dr. Mann had an interview with MSNBC Live with Katy Tur. Below is the link to the abbreviated clip of the interview video.

A Historic Event Playing Out in the Midst of an Historic Event: 'BradCast' 5/20/2020 (May 20, 2020)

Dr. Michael E. Mann interviews with Brad Friedman on the BRAD BLOG talking about today's multiple climate-fueled disasters and what we must do to solve them

America's Renewables Take Hold as the Coal Industry Enters a Potentially Permanent Downward Spiral (May 19, 2020)

Hannah Osborne for Newsweek sees new trend for future energy sources amid the pandemic.

A Look Ahead To Hurricane Season 2020 (May 16, 2020)

The Penn State Earth Systems Science Center is predicting an active hurricane season with up to 24 named storms possible this year.

Responding to “Planet of the Humans” (May 13, 2020)

 An interview with Leah Stokes with contributions from Michael Mann and Zeke Hausfather for Renewable Energy Magazine