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Mixing of the planet’s ocean waters is slowing down, speeding up global warming, study finds (Oct 1, 2020)

Andrew Freedman's article on the new study by Dr. Mann and his colleagues for Washington Post/Capital Weather Gang

Climate change is creating a significantly more stratified ocean, new study finds (Sep 29, 2020)

Press release on Dr. Mann's new Nature Climate Change study via National Center for Atmospheric Research

How our warmer oceans are contributing to climate breakdown (Sep 29, 2020)

Commentary via The Guardian by Johan Abraham, Dr. Mann's new study's coauthor, on the new study just out in Nature Climate Change

Beers with Blair: Michael Mann keeps his eyes on the prize (Sep 24, 2020)

Dr. Mann had a conversation with Blair Palese via Climate and Capital Media

Why the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season has spun out of control (Sep 23, 2020)

Bob Henson explains the reasons behind the crazy 2020 Atlantic hurricane seasons with excessive numbers of named storms and hurricanes via Washington Post/Capital Weather Gang

Dr. Mann's interview with Josh Fox, courtesy of TYT Network (Sep 22, 2020)

Dr. Mann's wide-ranging conversation about the Climate Crisis, the upcoming election and more with the Josh Fox (courtesy of TYT Network)

Now, no place or any of us is safe from climate change (Sep 22, 2020)

Dr. Mann's interview with Eco-lo par Audrey Garric of Le Monde. A English translation could be found at:   

Warming shrinks Arctic Ocean ice to 2nd lowest on record (Sep 21, 2020)

Seth Borenstein for the AP remarks on the latest situations of  Arctic Ocean ice

We are looking at a make or break election on climate (Sep 21, 2020)

Dr. Mann's latest interview with MSNBC Live with Katy Tur

Meet the doomers: why some young US voters have given up hope on climate (Sep 21, 2020)

Alexandra Viallarreal for The Guardian finds while many young people are often championed as the great hope to reverse the climate crisis, many of them believe we've already passed the tipping...

The dirty tricks climate scientists face (Sep 20, 2020)

Marc Hudson pens an article for The Mail & Guardian Africa

Forecasters run out of names in record hurricane season (Sep 20, 2020)

Jacqui Goddard's article for The Times and The Sunday Times

Hurricane season 2020: It's not over yet, Mississippi. Here's what forecasters are saying (Sep 18, 2020)

Lici Beveridge and Keisha Rowe quoting forecasts for the remaining hurricane season's impact on Mississippi via Clarion Ledger

Wildfires and weather extremes: It's not coincidence, it's climate change (Sep 17, 2020)

Jeff Berardelli via CBS News explains how the wildfires are related to climate change, but not coincidence

Michael E. Mann on Race to Save the World From Climate Change (Sep 16, 2020)

Dr. Mann had a conservation with Bloomberg's Aaron Rutkoff at the BloombergGreen Festival

A "New Normal" of Catastrophic Fires & Hurricanes? (Sep 15, 2020)

Dr. Mann's Q&A with Brian Dabbs of National Journal

Lessons from a Pandemic: solutions for addressing the climate change crisis (Sep 14, 2020)

Dr. Mann spoke with Natasha Hall of CJAD 800 Montreal about the upcoming Trottier Symposium

Michael Mann receives World Sustainability Award (Sep 14, 2020)

Dr. Mann shares the 2020 World Sustainability Award with Dr. Antonella Santuccione Chadha, courtesy of the MDPI Sustainability Foundation

Dr. Mann's discussion with BBC/BBC News Hour (Sep 13, 2020)

Dr. Mann had a discussion with BBC/BBC News Hour's Julian Marshall on the role climate change is playing in the unprecedented wildfires across these years from Australia to western U.S.. The clip...

Longtime Climate Science Denier Hired At @NOAA (Sep 12, 2020)

Rebecca Hersher and Joe Palca pen an article for NPR

Lessons from a pandemic: Solutions for the climate crisis (Sep 10, 2020)

Dr. Michael Mann to speak at Trottier Symposium on Sustainable Engineering, Energy, and Design. By Chris Chipello via McGill Reporter

Ocean salinity: Climate change is also changing the water cycle (Sep 9, 2020)

Mirage News on Dr. Mann's coauthored new study (Cheng et al) in the American Meteorological Society's Journal of Climate

Dr. Mann talks with Barbara Serra of Al Jazeera English (Sep, 8, 2020)

Dr. Mann talked with Barbara Serra of Al Jazeera English about the stark contrast between Trump's environmental claims & pledges and his singularly atrocious record on the environment.

Journalists, you need to start taking the climate crisis seriously! (Sep 7, 2020)

Dr. Mann joins the supporters for the open letter spearheaded by Sara Schurmann and other journalists

Mann talks with director Leila Conners for Tree Media (Sep 5, 2020)

Dr. Mann talked with Ice on Fire's director Leila Conners about the current state of the climate crisis for Tree Media Group "Need do Know"

HBO's "Ice On Fire" Offers Climate Solutions (Sep 4, 2020)

Dr. Mann talks with Leonardo DiCaprio and Leila Conners on this week's Living on Earth with Steve Curwood

Weather Whiplash: From record-shattering heat to cold and snow (Sep 4, 2020)

Jeff Berardelli for CBS News depicts the circumstances where record heat followed by cold and snow in America.

The 2035 electric car revolution – is it possible? (Sep 3, 2020)

Dr. Mann discuss why it's important to reduce transportation sector emissions in the interview for Envision Virgin Racing's Racing Against Climate Change

Dr. Mann's intervew with MSNBC: After Hurricane Laura, Contamination, Destruction, a Glimpse of Dangerous Climate (Aug 29, 2020)

Dr. Mann had an interview on climate change, hurricanes and heightened coastal risk with Katy Tur and Russel Honore on MSNBC. The full eight-minute video segment is in the link below.