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Dr. Michael E. Mann is Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science at Penn State, with joint appointments in the Department of Geosciences and the Earth and Environmental Systems Institute (EESI). He is also director of the Penn State Earth System Science Center (ESSC)

Mann is the author of several books including his most recent work, The Madhouse Effect, which features cartoons by Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist Tom Toles. Through satire, “The Madhouse Effect” portrays the intellectual pretzels into which denialists must twist logic to explain away the clear evidence that man-made activity has changed our climate. To learn more about the book, click here

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Listen to Dr. Mann's interview with Maria Armoudian here. 

Dr. Mann's interview with Sandy Hausman on his new book The Madhouse Effect.

Dr. Mann's interview on The Madhouse Effect, climate communication, and more w/ Clay and Grant of Prism Podcast

Thom Hartmann speaks with Dr. Michael Man about the unprecedented rate of warming around the globe, and what that means for the future of our species.

Thom Hartmann interview dr. Michael Mann about his upcoming book.

Climate scientists Michael Mann discusses how the recent floods in Lousiana, West Virginia, Ellicot City are becoming the norm.

Click the link below to read the transcript of Dr. Mann's interview with GreenSportsBlog.

Dr. Michael Mann's interview with Thom Hartmann about climate change adn recent extreme weather events. Video starts at 30:00.

Mann says his forthcoming book tour will likely include some Midwest stops.

Extreme weather is sweeping across the United States, from scorching heat in the Southwest to uncontrollable wildfires in California, to

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An exhaustive look back at Earth's climate history suggests global warming may be worse than we thought.

Joe Romm from ThinkProgress discusses how the world just survived the hottest summer in thousands of years.

It is too late to prevent the warming of the globe, but with some quick and tough action we can slow it down. Dr.

In this article about the carbon dioxide/climate argument, Tom Toles mentions the book he and Dr.

Michael Mann writes for EcoWatch listing his most prominent climate deniers. 

Dr. Mann wrote an article for the Huffington Post on the the hypocrisy behind climate deniers.

Natasha Geiling from Think Progress discusses the climate repercussions of Donald Trump newest economic policy.

In an article on ABC News, Seth Borenstein discusses yet another ominous signal of global warming.

Oliver Milman of The Guardian discusses a study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration which discovered that human-derived rising temperatures increased the risk of the natural disaster in Louisiana by at least 40%