News, Interviews & Commentaries

Chasing Carbon Zero (Apr. 26, 2023)

By Miles O'Brien for PBS News 

Michael Mann Receives Humanist of the Year Award (Apr. 25, 2023)

By University of Pennsylvania School of Arts and Sciences 

A Cool Debate About a Heated Topic (Apr. 26, 2023)

By Vanessa Schipani for Penn Center for Science, Sustainability and the Media 

Earth Day Philadelphia Guide (Apr. 19, 2023)

By Laura McCutcheon and Christina Griffith for The Philadelphia Citizen 

There is a new climate war and you need to get armed (Mar. 14, 2023)

With Sarah Wilson on the "Wild with Sarah Wilson" podcast

Preserving our fragile moment (Mar. 14, 2023)

By Michael E. Mann for Climatica - La Marea