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"La fragilité du vrai" [The Fragility of Truth] (Apr. 30, 2022)

YouTube video of the full 2022 Doctorats Honoris ceremony at UCLouvain. 

Psychological Strategies for the Long Haul of Climate Action (Apr. 29, 2022)

Thomas Bateman and Dr. Mann pen an op-ed that appeared in Newsweek. 

Russian disinformation test service (Apr. 29, 2022)

Dr. Mann is interviewed by Gilles Toussaint by La Libre.  

Michael Mann, climatologist: The Choices Are Ours (Apr. 28, 2022)

Dr. Mann is interviewed by Michel De Muelenaere of Le Soir.  

Why Climate Doomism is Not an Option (Apr. 28, 2022)

By Philippa Nuttall of The New Statesman.  

Rainfall is intensifying in 90% of U.S. Cities (Apr. 27, 2022)

By Stephanie Sigafoos of The Morning Call.   

Net zero (Apr. 27, 2022)

By Ingming Aberia of The Manila Times. 

Has the Fossil Fuel Era Ended? (Apr. 20, 2022)

Dr. Mann is interviewed on the Thom Hartmann Program. 

Climate Voices with Bill Weihl (Apr. 18, 2022)

Alongside other climate experts, Dr. Mann is interviewed on Climate Voices with Bill Weihl. 

Climate Action vs. U.S. Vested Interests (Apr. 18, 2022)

Rebecca Leber, Charlie Cray, and Dr. Mann are interviewed on Al Jazeera's English's program The Stream.  

Every Day is Earth Day ('The Children's Hour' interview) (Apr. 17, 2022)

Dr. Mann and Megan Herbert are interviewed for The Children's Hour. 

Michael Mann on BBC World News "The Context" (Apr. 14, 2022)

Dr. Mann is interviewed on BBC News' "The Context". 

Now Is Not the Time To Give in to Climate Fatalism (Apr. 12, 2012)

Dr. Mann and Susan Hassol have penned this op-ed in Time.   

In conversation with Michael E. Mann: from climate change denial to delay (Apr. 7, 2022)

Stella Levantesi, with the International Journalism Festival, interviews Dr. Mann about obstruction efforts to climate action.  

UN IPCC report can lead governments to the climate action door, but they must walk through (Apr. 4, 2022)

Dr. Mann and Wanjira Mathai pen an op-ed in the Boston Globe in which they argue that we have the necessary technology to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions but that we just need the political...

Climate Optimism -- We have reason for hope on climate change (Apr. 3, 2022)

Dr. Mann is quoted in this New York Times op-ed penned by German Lopez. 

Climate research funded by fossil fuel profits discredits universities and hurts the planet (Apr. 3, 2022)

Dr. Mann and Ilana Cohen assert why climate research funded by the fossil-fuel industry must end in an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times.