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Just Plain Wrong: The false claims, errors and outdated information that is Planet of the Humans (May 13, 2020)

Robin Whitlock for Rnewable Energy Magazine comments on Michael Moore's new film Plante of the Humans

Tropical storm could form before start of Atlantic hurricane season for 6th straight year (May 12, 2020)

Jason Samenow's article for The Washington Post analyzing the possibility of another early formation of tropical storm before the start of season.

US4 Communicating A Global Climate Crisis: why haven’t we called the fire brigade…? (May 11, 2020)

Dr. Mann talking about the New Climate War at the European Geosciences Union (Starts at 1:03:15).

Fight Over Virus’s Death Toll Opens Grim New Front in Election Battle (May 9, 2020)

New York Time's article by Matthew Rosenberg and Jim Rutenberg linking climate skepticism to Covid-19 denialism.

Michael Moore's New Film Turns Heroes Into Villains And Villains Into Heroes (May 7, 2020)

Dr. Mann's latest commentary on Michael Moore's new film "Planet of the Humans" for Newsweek.

Stand Up! with Pete Dominick (May 4, 2020)

Dr. Mann is interviewed by Pete Dominick.  

Punished for being right (May 2, 2020)

Dr. Mann is discussed in this article written by Peter Dykstra for Environmental Health News.  

Mann elected to National Academy of Sciences (April 28, 2020)

Michael Mann, distinguished professor of atmospheric sciences at Penn State, has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences, recognizing distinguished and continuing achievements in...

We predict one of the most active Atlantic hurricane seasons on record (20±4 named storms) | "The 2020 North Atlantic Hurricane Season: Penn State ESSC Forecast" (Apr. 27, 2020)

Dr. Mann and colleagues Daniel J. Brouillette and Michael Kozar release their forecast for the 2020 North Atlantic hurricane season.  

National Academy of Sciences elects new members (April 27, 2020)

Dr. Mann has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences.  

Wilmington winter was a ‘departure from the norm’ (Apr. 26, 2020)

Scott Nunn writes for the Star News in Wilmington, North Carolina.  

Stir Crazy! Episode #19: Earth Day! (Apr. 22, 2020)

Dr. Mann participates in a panel discussion for Real News Network's YouTube Live program 'Stir Crazy!'.  

Earth Day 2020 Interview (Apr. 22, 2020)

Dr. Mann is interviewed on the Lisa Show on BYU-Idaho Radio.  

Earth Archives: Stories of Human Impact (Apr. 21, 2020)

Article discussing Penn State's 'Stories of Human Impact' exhibit, to which Dr. Mann contributed, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.  

One Planet: Tackling The Climate Crisis As We Mark The 50th Anniversary of Earth Day (Apr. 20, 2020)

Long-format conversation with host Rose Aguilar, Naomi Oreskes, and Dr. Mann on NPR affiliate KALW in San Francisco about the defining challenge of our time as we approach Earth...

On anniversary of Earth Day and BP spill, coronavirus reveals planet not so resilient (Apr. 17, 2020)

Dr. Mann provides comment in this article in the Orlando Sentinel written by Kevin Spear.  

How to Win the New Climate War (Apr. 16, 2020)

Dr. Mann writes a précis for his soon-to-be-published book by the same name for Skeptical Inquirer.  

‘Business as Usual’ in an Unusual World: Understanding Climate Data and Risk (Apr. 16, 2020)

Genevieve Wright writes for the Sydney Environment Institute in Australia.  

Social Distancing and Clean Air (Apr. 15, 2020)

Dr. Mann speaks with Bree Guy of WJAC-TV News in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.  

South Carolina tornadoes are common in spring, but Monday's deadly twisters stood out (Apr. 15, 2020)

Chloe Johnson writes for The Post and Courier in Charleston, South Carolina.  

Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane (Apr. 14, 2020)

Dr. Mann is interviewed by Marty Moss-Coane for the Radio Times program on WHYY public radio in Philadelphia.  

What have scientists learned from COVID-19? (Apr. 12, 2020)

Dr. Mann, recipient of the 2019 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement, makes some comments about the role of scientists in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The Green New Deal is Cheap, Actually (Apr. 6, 2020)

Tim Dickinson writes for Rolling Stone magazine.  

Professor Sees Climate Mayhem Lurking Behind Covid-19 Outbreak (Mar. 28, 2020)

Saijel Kishan writes for Bloomberg Green.  Dr. Mann explains how he himself things that it is a big stretch that climate mayhem is lurking behind the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Trump dismissing both Climate Change AND Coronavirus as hoaxes - Juxtaposed for your consideration (Mar, 25, 2020)

Sydney, Australia, filmmaker juxtaposes President Donald Trump's denialism of both climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic.