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Ocean temperatures hit record high as rate of heating accelerates (Jan. 13, 2020)

Damian Carrington's article for The Guardian about the recent Advances in Atmospheric Sciences paper authored by Dr. Mann and collaborators. 

The Past and the Future of Earth's Oldest Trees (Jan. 13, 2020)

Alex Ross's article for The New Yorker magazine.  

Those big wildfires in Australia look familiar — they’re much like California’s (Jan 10, 2020)

Peter Fimrite for San Francisco Chronicle discusses the similarities in causes and situations between Australia wildfires and California's

Australia's Wildfires Point to the Future (Jan 10, 2020)

Dr. Mann's interview with host Steve Curwood on the Living On Earth  

Dr. Mann's discussion on The Weather Channel Weather Underground (Jan 9, 2020)

Dr. Mann's talk on wildfires and climate change with Mike Bettes and Alexandra Wilson on The Weather Channel Weather Underground

'It's unprecedented': What is behind Australia's devastating fires (Jan 4, 2019)

Nicole Mortillaro explores the reasons behind Australia's deadly persistent fires via CBC News

Climate oscillations were just illusions, scientists say (Jan 3, 2020)

Brooks Hays's article on Dr. Mann recent published article in Nature Communication via UPI News Agency.

Australian Wildfires & Climate Change (Jan 3, 2020)

Dr. Mann's interview with Lynda Steele of News Talk 980 CKNW / Global News

Atlantic and Pacific oscillations lost in the noise (Jan 3, 2020)

Penn State Press releases on the new article by Dr. Mann's team just out

‘A tipping point is playing out right now’ says climate scientist Michael Mann (Jan 2, 2020)

Dr. Mann's interview on climate change and unprecedented Australian brushfires with Joe O'Brien of ABC News

How Your Climate Actions Are Being Used Against You (Dec 31, 2019)

Dr. Mann's interview with Kait Parker & The Weather Channel

We Spoke To 5 Climate Experts About What Gives Them Hope (Dec 26, 2019)

Dr. Mann joins the talk hosted by Kyla Mandel via Huffpost

Were the predictions we made about climate change 20 years ago accurate? Here's a look (Dec 24, 2019)

Doyle Rice explains how close we've got to the predictions for climate change 20 years ago via USA TODAY

Earth's Hottest Decade on Record Capped by Years of Extreme Storms and Deadly Wildfires (Dec 18, 2019)

Bob Berwyn for InsideClimate News reviews the extremes happened in the last decade under climate change background.

Holding Big Polluters Liable For Destroying the Climate (Dec 13, 2019)

Dr. Mann's interview with Sam Seder on the Ring of Fire Sam Seder Show

The Party That Ruined the Planet: Republican climate denial is even scarier than Trumpism (Dec 12, 2019)

Paul Krugman's critique on the Republican Party's climate policy for the New York Times

Scientists and Activists Examine Need for Climate Action (Dec 12, 2019)

Written by Randy Showstack for American Geophysical Union

Climate scientists try to cut their own carbon footprints (Dec 8, 2019)

Seth Borenstein's article on climate scientists' individual effort to reduce carbon footprints via Associated Press

Arctic warming in last decade same as whole Earth’s in past century: Study (Dec 7, 2019)

Daily Excelsior reports on the study that shows significant Arctic warming

If We Don’t Limit Global Warming To 2°C, This Is The Polar Regions' Depressing Future (Dec 5, 2019)

Tom Hale depicts the depressing future of warming global regions via Iflscience.

Warming in Polar Regions Already Spelling Disaster for Rest of Globe (Dec 4, 2019)

Carson McCullough's discussion on impact of warming polar on the rest of the globe according to a recent study published in Science Advances, via Courthouse News Service.

Outlook for the Polar Regions in a 2 Degrees Warmer World (Dec 4, 2019)

Kat Kelvins' gives a outlook for a 2 degrees warmer world, published by UC Davis.

Warming at the poles will soon be felt globally in rising seas, extreme weather (Dec 4, 2019)

Cheryl katz for National Geographic explores the consequences likely brought by fast-pacing warming at the poles in the near future. 

Hotter weather is causing babies to come early. Nearly 70,000 US moms could go into early labor each year by 2100, a study predicts (Dec 3, 2019)

Aylln Woodward's article reveals the possibility of increasing threat to newborn babies brought by hotter weather, causing babies to come early, via Business Insider US.

Climate change: where science and politics collide (Dec 3, 2019)

Michael Mann's conversation with Marty Moss-Coane and Ed Maibach via WHYY Radio Times (includes viewer call-in questions)

Pelosi Represents America at the Madrid Climate Conference (Dec 1, 2019)

Dr. Mann's interview on Trump, COP25 and Climate progress with Lan Masters of Ian Masters Media KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles

UN: 'Quick wins' needed to reach climate goals (Nov 29, 2019)

A wide ranging interview between Michael Mann and Katy Tur with MSNBC live

Why Despair May be the Greatest Threat to the Planet (Nov 28, 2019)

Greg Harman explains the threats could brought by climate despair to the planet via Deceleration.

Letter: Letter spread untruths about climate change (Nov 26, 2019)

Michael Mann's response to denialist nonsense at the The Eagle-Tribune

Supreme Court allows climate scientist’s defamation case to proceed (Nov 26, 2019)

Scott K. Johnson's article on Supreme court's preceding on the case of climate scientist's defamation via Arstechnica.

Supreme Court won't throw out climate scientist's defamation suit against National Review (Nov 25, 2019)

"The Supreme Court decided Monday not to intervene in a defamation suit by Michael Mann against National Review." by Devan Cole for CNN.