2017 Selected Commentaries


With the news Tuesday that Syria has officially joined the Paris climate agreement, the United States, under President Trump, will stand as the lone dissenting country when diplomats gather in Germany this week to hammer out the details for implementing the accord.

Scientific American

Some links are indisputable; others are more subtle, but the science is improving all the time.

The Washington Post

Read this op-ed in The Washington Post by Michael Mann, Susan Joy Hassol and Tom Toles.


Those of us who care about science and the role that science plays in our larger public discourse and those who care about environmental stewardship and a sustainable path forward must now make our voices heard.


Science is under attack at the very moment when we need it most. President Donald Trump’s March 28 executive order went much further than simply throwing a lifeline to fossil fuels, as industry-funded congressional climate change–deniers have done in the past.

The Hill

The era of climate change denial is over. Rejection of the unequivocal scientific evidence that carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels are warming the planet and changing our climate is no longer socially acceptable.

New Scientist

A favourite climate contrarian talking point is that there was a pause or “hiatus” in warming from 1998 until the early part of the current decade.

Undark Magazine

The playbook used by those seeking to preserve the planet’s fossil fuel addiction is well established, and its use is ramping up again.

Scientific American

The new administration could cut greenhouse gases and achieve its economic goals all at once.