2020 Interviews

Dr. Mann talked about what 2020 says about climate change with other experts via Roland Pease BBC News / BBC World Service

Dr. Mann interviewed with Alexander Heffner for The Open Mind Podcast via Spotify

Dr. Mann and other climate experts talked with Devin Dwyer of ABC News Live

Dr. Mann's interview with Karina Mocosko for AcademicInfluence.com

Dr. Mann talked with Simon Roach of Channel 4 News about this year's climate trends

Dr. Mann's interview with Thom Hartmann about the latest science, prospects for progress, and the challenges of the New Climate War.

Dr. Mann talked with the Beed's Roland Pease about this year's Atlantic hurricane season and the role played by climatae change

Dr. Mann's interview with Katy Tur / MSNBC with Katy Tur on Joe Biden, John Kerry & climate action in the new administration

Dr. Mann had an interview with AcademicInfluence.com

Dr. Mann joined a panel discussion led by Ritula Shah of BBC World Service

Dr. Mann interviewed with MSNBC Live with Katy Tur, and with Jake Levine

CBC News summary of a recent panel discussion that had Dr. Mann participated in, on CBC Radio

Dr. Mann and his colleague and friends discussed with KALW's Rose Aguilar and answered call-in questions

Dr. Mann's conversation with Laurie Laybourn-Langton of the Post Carbon Institute

"Overtime" segment including additional content from Dr. Mann's talk on CBS 60 Minutes