2021 Interviews

Great review (en espanol) of The New Climate War by Nelson Lagos for Latercera.com 

Dr. Mann's interview earlier today about The #NewClimateWar with KCBS Radio's Liz Saint John

Dr. Mann's interview about the #NewClimateWar with Susanne Götze of DER SPIEGEL

Dr. Mann's interview about The New Climate War with Hannah Westwater of The Big Issue

Dr. Mann's interview with Stephanie Weaver of Fox News / FOX 10 News about the new study, and Dr. Mann's new book

Dr. Mann's interview on The New Climate War with Brad Friedman of The Brad Blog 

Dr. Mann talked with Al Franken about Texas The New Climate War, winter storm disaster, and much more

Dr. Mann's interview with KCBS Radio about the new "collapsing ocean conveyor belt circulation" article

Dr. Mann's conversation with Jen Perelman and Peter Hager of JENerationalChange

Dr. Mann discussed the New Climate War with SImon Jack on The BBC Radio 4 Today programme. The conversation begins around 2:40:48.

Clip from Dr. Mann's recent interview with BBC NEWS/ BBC World Service NewsHour

Dr. Mann's recent interview with Eric Schwartzman about The New Climate War

Dr. Mann's latest conversation with Giordano of The Juice Media.

Dr. Mann's interview on Radio New Zealand's Jesse Mulligan RNZ Afternoons

Dr. Mann discussed the New Climate War with Phillip Adams on Late Night Live

Dr. Mann had a conversation with Kevin Gallagher about The New Climate War on WPKN Independent Community Radio

Dr. Mann speak about his new book, The New Climate War, at the National Center for Atmospheric Research - Mesa Lab Town Hall