2019 News

Doyle Rice explains how close we've got to the predictions for climate change 20 years ago via USA TODAY

Bob Berwyn for InsideClimate News reviews the extremes happened in the last decade under climate change background.

Dr. Mann's interview with Sam Seder on the Ring of Fire Sam Seder Show

Paul Krugman's critique on the Republican Party's climate policy for the New York Times

Written by Randy Showstack for American Geophysical Union

Seth Borenstein's article on climate scientists' individual effort to reduce carbon footprints via Associated Press

Daily Excelsior reports on the study that shows significant Arctic warming

Tom Hale depicts the depressing future of warming global regions via Iflscience.

Cheryl katz for National Geographic explores the consequences likely brought by fast-pacing warming at the poles in the near future. 

Kat Kelvins' gives a outlook for a 2 degrees warmer world, published by UC Davis.

Carson McCullough's discussion on impact of warming polar on the rest of the globe according to a recent study published in Science Advances, via Courthouse News Service.

Aylln Woodward's article reveals the possibility of increasing threat to newborn babies brought by hotter weather, causing babies to come

Greg Harman explains the threats could brought by climate despair to the planet via Deceleration.

Scott K. Johnson's article on Supreme court's preceding on the case of climate scientist's defamation via Arstechnica.

Michael Mann's response to denialist nonsense at the The Eagle-Tribune

Ellen M. Glimer's reports on the refusal of Supreme Court to intervene Dr. Mann's case via Bloomberg Law