2019 News

Tom Hale depicts the depressing future of warming global regions via Iflscience.

Cheryl katz for National Geographic explores the consequences likely brought by fast-pacing warming at the poles in the near future. 

Carson McCullough's discussion on impact of warming polar on the rest of the globe according to a recent study published in Science Advances, via Courthouse News Service.

Kat Kelvins' gives a outlook for a 2 degrees warmer world, published by UC Davis.

Aylln Woodward's article reveals the possibility of increasing threat to newborn babies brought by hotter weather, causing babies to come

Greg Harman explains the threats could brought by climate despair to the planet via Deceleration.

Scott K. Johnson's article on Supreme court's preceding on the case of climate scientist's defamation via Arstechnica.

Michael Mann's response to denialist nonsense at the The Eagle-Tribune

"The Supreme Court decided Monday not to intervene in a defamation suit by Michael Mann against National Review." by Devan Cole for CNN.

Ellen M. Glimer's reports on the refusal of Supreme Court to intervene Dr. Mann's case via Bloomberg Law

Brendan Montague reviews on the Climategate Email Hack via Desmog

Melanie Dawn discusses the errors Forbes made in their recent article about climate debate.

BBC Four reveals story behind a hacking case that derailed a UN conference and tried to sway nations on global concern via Suzi Feay of F

Mark Kaufman for Mashable discusses the worst reasons to quit the Paris Climate Pact.

Andrew Buncombe for Independent states that the fires in California are not new, but getting more serve than ever due to climate change.

Matthew Rozsa's ariticle on explaining the impacts of climate change on California Wildfires via Salon.

Don Paul explains why global warming can cause cooling in some parts on the planet via The Buffalo News.

Don Paul explains why global warming can cause cooling in some parts on the planet via The Buffalo News.

Dr. Mann Speaks at PBS Newshour on intensifying catastrophic wildfires.