2018 News

Sarah Ruiz-Grossman from Huffington Post explains how climate change consequences are already apparent. 

Rick Johnson letter to the editor in the Northwest Herald about the possibilities for reversing climate change. 

Agence Frace-Presse writing for The Straits Times explains why experts are talking about CO2 emissions.

RTE explains how the damage from 2018's weather is linked to climate change.

Dr. Mann's 2019 predictions in the real of science and technology, courtesy of NBC News. 

A holiday message in support of the efforts by The Climate Mobilization.

Matt McGrath of BBC News explains how climate change has huge financial impacts.

Anne Gulland, writing for The Telegraph, explains how extreme weather is costing the world billions.

Martin Williams, writing for South China Morning Post, explains the impact of climate change on tourism.

The Real News Network describes the year in climate news.

Dave McMillion, writing for The Herald-Mail Media, explains the different weather events in 2018.

Julie Dermansky, writing for DeSmog, explains how fossil fuels and climate denial are still in control in Louisiana.

Michael Bernard of Clean Technica discusses Jordan B. Peterson.

Mark Kaufman, writing for Mashable, explains how 2018 was the hottest year on record.

Phil McKenna, writing for Inside Climate News, explains how global warming never stopped.

John Bacon for USA TODAY explains how the US could rejoin the UN climate deal. 

Kavitha George, writing for Bustle, explains how wildfires have impacted the US financially.

Wenche Skorgee in The Aftenbladet. Translated into English via Google.