2017 Interviews

Dr. Mann's interview about his recent Scientific Reports article on climate change and extreme weather on Mike Hosking Breakfast Newstalk ZB New Zealand

Dr. Mann's interview with The Real News Network.

Mann says the way climate change affects the jet stream is intensifying and increasing the regional scale of droughts and flooding.

Dr. Mann's article in The Real Network News. Dr. Michael Mann emphasizes says we are already seeing global impacts; within one to two decades we are on track for an iceless Arctic

Dr. Mann's interview for Deutschlandfunk (via Google translate)

Dr. Mann's interview with Philip Adams of ABC News on Trump's climate politics.

Dr. Mann's interview with Richard Glover of ABC Sydney. 

Dr. Mann's interview with Pul Basken of The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Listen to Dr. Mann's interview on The Madhouse Effect, Trump, and Australian climate policy with Geraldine Doogue of ABC NewsRadio.