2019 Interviews

Dr. Mann's new discussion on climate change and heat extremes recently on ABC News.

Dr. Mann's latest interview with the Thom Hartmann on climate change.

Dr. Mann had an interview with Krystal Ball for HILL TV.

Dr. Mann did an interview with Al Franken for his new podcast.

Dr Mann's recent interview with Michael Smerconish on the current politics of climate change via SiriusXM POTUS radio.

Dr. Mann's interview with Pete Dominick on SirusXM stand UP with Pete Dominick on Climate change, tornadoes and Trump Administration's Latest Effort to Stifle Climate Science

Dr. Michael Mann's conversation with Lynda Steele of The Lynda Steele Show in Global News Canada.

Dr. Mann's interview with Thom Hartmann on dangerous climate change and extreme weather.

Dr. Michael Mann talks with host Doug Parsons of the America Adapts - The Climate Change Podcast. 

Dr. Michael Mann's interview this past weekend with Jon Bowermaster of Radio Kingston on all things climate. 

Catch Dr. Mann's interview with Jon Bowermaster on The Green Radio Hour. Streaming Live.

Dr. Mann will be talking about Idai, record flooding & climate change with Paul Ross of talkRADIO.

Dr. Mann's recent interview with Steve Curwood for Public Radio International's Living on Earth. 

Dr. Mann's recent podcast interview with Paul Samuel Dolman. 

Dr. Mann's latest interview with Thom Hartman on climate change and global warming predictions. 

Check out Dr. Michael Mann's conversation with "Uninhabitable Earth" author David Wallace-Wells and the MSNBC Morning Joe crew. 

The renowned US climate scientist and Tyler Prize winner talks exclusively to Samantha Page for Cosmos.

Jayde Lovell sits down with climate scientist Dr. Michael E. Mann, co-recipient of the 2019 Tyler Price for environmental achievement.

Peter Sinclair, writing for The Climate Denial Crock of the Week talks with Dr. Mann.