2020 Interviews

Full aired segment of Dr. Mann's talk via the CBS 60 Minutes with Scott Pelley and Dr. James E. Hansen on unprecedented climate crisis.

Dr. Mann's interview with Sci Fi legend Kim Stanley Robinson via Crowdcast

Dr. Mann's recent conversation with The Brilliant

Dr. Mann had a conversation with Blair Palese via Climate and Capital Media

Dr. Mann's wide-ranging conversation about the Climate Crisis, the upcoming election and more with the Josh Fox (courtesy of TYT Network)

Dr. Mann's interview with Eco-lo par Audrey Garric of Le Monde. A English translation could be found at:  https://bit.ly/2RQoqNH 


Dr. Mann's latest interview with MSNBC Live with Katy Tur

Dr. Mann had a discussion with BBC/BBC News Hour's Julian Marshall on the role climate change is playing in the unprecedented wildfires across these years from Australia to western U.S.. The clip starts at about 10 minutes in

Dr. Mann talked with Ice on Fire's director Leila Conners about the current state of the climate crisis for Tree Media Group "Need do Know"

Dr. Mann talks with Leonardo DiCaprio and Leila Conners on this week's Living on Earth with Steve Curwood

Dr. Mann discuss why it's important to reduce transportation sector emissions in the interview for Envision Virgin Racing's Racing Against Climate Change

Dr. Mann had an interview on climate change, hurricanes and heightened coastal risk with Katy Tur and Russel Honore on MSNBC. The full eight-minute video segment is in the link below.

Dr. Mann discussed science of climate change with Sonya McKay 13 and Fridays 4 Future Online

Dr. Mann had a Zoom conversation with Michael Holder as part of the new Net Zero Leadership Hub for BusinessGreen

Dr. Mann had an interview with David Eisenhower for WHYY Television

Dr. Mann had an interview with journalist Steve Horn at the North Climate Change Alliance Zoom event

Dr. Mann had a conversation with Heidi Hutner & Dennis Yerry in the inaugural "A Green Future" Webinar Series event