2021 News

A new UN interactive atlas reveals how climate change will shape weather around the world. By Benji Jones for Vox.

Comments from Christina Figueres, Bill McKibben, and Michael Mann, courtesy of Daniel Cronin of Carbon Tracker.

Michael Mann discussed the blockbuster new IPCC climate report with Haidi Stroud-Watts and Shery Ahn of Bloomberg / Bloomberg Green TV.

Contributions from various climate experts, including Dr. Michael Mann, in this piece by Carolyn Beeler for PRI's The World on the new IP

The great Mark Hertsgaard writes about the brand new IPCC linage report for The Nation.

Must-read piece on the IPCC climate assessment report by Philippa Nuttall Jones for The New Statesman.



A brief comment on the new IPCC 6th Assessment Report from Michael Mann.

Emma Elsworthy of Crikey on the upcoming IPCC AR6 Climate Assessment.