2021 News

Verner Viisainen's article for Varsity (of University of Cambridge).

Interesting piece by Lloyd Alter for TreeHugger that centers on a discussion of individual vs.

Seth Borenstein talks about the newly released climate normals by NOAA for the Associated Press.

Louise Boyle of The Independent reports on the latest NOAA climate normals for 1991-2020.

Don Paul writes for The Buffalo News on the difficulties of estimating climate tipping points.

A great article by Lisa Ruch for the Third Chapter on Geoffrey Hudson's climate-themed choral oratorio.

A piece by Ajit Niranjan for DW Deutsche Welle on whether or not the collapse of our civilization from climate change is inevitable.

Oliver Milman, of The Guardian, discusses the unfounded meat claims and how President Biden's climate proposals do not mention meat consu

Michael Mann, Aradhna Tripati, Gavin Schimdt, and Van Jones discuss the climate crisis for Citizen by CNN.

Eric Roston and Laura Millan Lombrana give updates on the two-day virtual Bloomberg Green Summit.

Jeff Berardelli, a CBS News Meteorologist and Climate Specialist, discusses the impacts of climate change and how some tipping points may

Maurice Tamman's special report for Reuters on Australia's worsening fire season due to climate change.