2020 News

Denise Chow's review on the climate topics discussed in the first presidential debate via NBC News

Andrew Freedman's article on the new study by Dr. Mann and his colleagues for Washington Post/Capital Weather Gang

Press release on Dr. Mann's new Nature Climate Change study via National Center for Atmospheric Research

Bob Henson explains the reasons behind the crazy 2020 Atlantic hurricane seasons with excessive numbers of named storms and hurricanes vi

Seth Borenstein for the AP remarks on the latest situations of  Arctic Ocean ice

Alexandra Viallarreal for The Guardian finds while many young people are often championed as the great hope to reverse the climate crisis

Marc Hudson pens an article for The Mail & Guardian Africa

Jacqui Goddard's article for The Times and The Sunday Times

Lici Beveridge and Keisha Rowe quoting forecasts for the remaining hurricane season's impact on Mississippi via Clarion Ledger