2020 News

Jeff Berardelli via CBS News explains how the wildfires are related to climate change, but not coincidence

Dr. Mann had a conservation with Bloomberg's Aaron Rutkoff at the BloombergGreen Festival

Dr. Mann's Q&A with Brian Dabbs of National Journal

Dr. Mann spoke with Natasha Hall of CJAD 800 Montreal about the upcoming Trottier Symposium

Dr. Mann shares the 2020 World Sustainability Award with Dr.

Rebecca Hersher and Joe Palca pen an article for NPR

Dr. Michael Mann to speak at Trottier Symposium on Sustainable Engineering, Energy, and Design. By Chris Chipello via McGill Reporter

Mirage News on Dr. Mann's coauthored new study (Cheng et al) in the American Meteorological Society's Journal of Climate

Dr. Mann joins the supporters for the open letter spearheaded by Sara Schurmann and other journalists

Jeff Berardelli for CBS News depicts the circumstances where record heat followed by cold and snow in America.