2020 News

Tina Gerhardt's article for The Progressive Magazine

Matthew Rozsa for Salon explains why the "pink snow" is not a good sign for the earth.

Marlowe Hood's article for Agence France-Presse / International Business Times

Matthew Daly for Associated Press reveals the plan carried out by Democrats to end greenhouse emissions.

Peter Hannam for the Sydney Morining Herald explains how climate change is acting as a factor to warm up the South Pole with quotes from

Dr. Mann was on WNEP-TV talking with meteorologist John Hickey about the climate crisis, the COVID19 pandemic, and the path forward.

Mihika Basu's article reporting on the new extreme temperature recorded in Arctic Circle for MEAWW

Video record of the panel discussion at Stanford University that have Dr. Mann participated in recently

Dr. Mann‘s twitter account is selected one of the "The Climate Group's Top 100 Twitter Accounts 2020” by The Climate Groups.

Dr. Mann's short commentary for the topic "What Comes After the Pandemic" roundtable in the summer 2020 issue of California Magazine

Bryan Schatz for California Magazine depict a profile of Dr. Mann fighting hard against those who think the climate fight is futile.

Gloria Dickie for Insideclimate news explains why a drop in sulfate emission could lead to short-term warming and generate arctic heatwav

Mann Joins Grata Thunberg and other climate advocates in raising "grave concerns" about Arctic nations' policies to expand and subsidize