2021 News

Must-read piece in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists by John Morales.

David Ritter's piece for the Independent Australia.

David Klepper's article, for the Associated Press, on how climate misinformation is adapting.

Article written by Matthew Daly for The Associated Press.

Andy Park and Alex McDonald for ABC News report on a former Australian defense official who says politics got in the way of preparing for

Giles Parkinson for The Driven reports on the misinformation that the Murdoch media has been publishing and broadcasting about climate ch

Matt DeGrood and Bob Berwyn of the Galveston County Daily News and Inside Climate News talk about the increasing frequency of extreme wea

Energy Monitor's Editor in Chief, Philippa Nuttall Jones, gives her opinion on why we need to focus on existing clean energy solutions.

Climate scientist Michael Mann's full testimony to the Australian Senate Media Diversity Inquiry (Full video in the below link).

German article by Lozenz Hoffmann for MDR - Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk