2016 News

Nagraj Adve, columnist for The Wire, reveals the not so surprising truth about how poorly informed Donald Trump's climate skepticism really is. 

Michael Sainato and Chelsea Skojec wrote an opinon piece for the observer. In this article they discuss how the 2015 wildfire season in the United States broke records, with more than 10 million acres burned. 

This article from the French newspaper Le Monde, discusses how a hundred scientists ask Europe and the international community to act against endocrine disrupting chemicals, because of their use for manufacturing doubt in the climate change battle. 

Roz Pidcock of CarbonBrief.org discusses how to make a simple, eye-catching graphic about climate change with out compromising the science. Dr. Mann's hockey stick graphic is used as an example. 

CNBC's Robert Ferris congratulates SpaceX on their win of a NASA contract to send a $112 million water-monitoring  satellite into orbit. Dr. Mann is quoted.

Francesca Chambers, white house correspondent for dailymail.com, reveals that Trump wants to see space exploration as one of NASA's main goals. Shifting away from 'Earth-centric science' or science to end climate change. Dr. Mann is quoted. 

Steven T. Corneliussen of Physics Today writes about how Donald Trump could possible be "the first anti-science president we have ever had". 


Scott Sutherland of The Weather Network discusses how climate change could get even worse than meteorologists previously thought. 

George Eaton of newstatesman.com discusses how the US president''s multiple defects will distract from the greatest danger to our planet. Dr. Mann is quoted. 

In an article by Ian Johnston, the environment correspondent independent.co, Senior NASA scientists suggests that he may resign if Donald Trump tries to skew climate change research results. 

In Damian Carrington's article for the Guardian, World Meteorological Organization figures show global temperature is 1.2C above pre-industrial levels and will set a new high for the third year running.

Renee Lewis writes for fusion.net about scientists and others who work with climate science's fears about the future impact of a warming earth. Dr. Mann's role in Before the Flood was mentioned.

Leon Valsechi of the Center Daily Times discusses Dr. Mann's reasons to be cautiously optimistic about President-elects plans to approach climate change.

Ken Ward Jr. a staff writer for the Charleston Gazette-Mail writes how President-elect Donald Trump policies will not increase coal production as much the Coal Associations predict.

Nsikan Akpan and Leigh Anne Tiffany discuss how apprehension has brewed among science and health minded communities since the election. 

In a Q&A with Greenwire, Dr. Mann discusses why he believes Donald Trump's administration might be "game over" for climate change.

US Scientists are responding to the President-Elect Donald Trump with anxiety ovr the stance that his administration will take on Science. Dr. Mann is mentioned. 

Chris Sommerfeldt of the New York Daily News discusses that if Trump lives up to his campaign promises that it could mean "game over" for the planet. Dr. Mann is quoted citing recently published scientific papers.

Andrea Thompson of climate central comments on the election of Donald Trump as the nation's next president. Dr. Mann shares his thoughts on a Trump Presidency. 

Robin Bravender, and E&E News reporter discusses how the election results sent shock waves through the energy and environmental world. Dr. Mann is quoted in the article.