2016 News

Sammy Roth from The Desert Sun discusses why climate activist hope to end coal, oil, and natural gass extraction on public land.

Bob Henson from WunderBlog dicsusses a large area of cooler-than-normal water that has persisted in the far North Atlantic for more than two years. Dr. Michael Mann is quoted.

Michael. E. Mann and Trude Storelvmo, from Yale, discuss her group's latest research, and what it implies for scientists' efforts to identify the most critical and challening farameter for estimating future average global temperature.

Renee Lewis of Fusion discusses how a new map of global ocean levels recently revealed a relentless rise due to cliamte change.

Dr. Mann writes about how Fossil Fuel companies hae ben misleading the public and policymakers about the risks of their products for decades.

On Friday, March 25, CSLDF filed a breif arguing for protection of climate scientists' private files against invasive open records requests by the Energy & Environment Legal Institute.

Dr. Mann responds to a letter written by Rick heiberg which states that the reality of human-caused climate change is "[sic] far-from 'settled' in the actual community of climate scientists".

A group of scientists say that global warming slowdown undoubtedly happened, but now the Earth's temperatures are back on the rise. Dr. Mann is quoted.

A new U.S. Gallup poll indicates that more Americans are conserned about global warming now than before. Dr. Mann is mentioned in the article.

Michael Halpern from The Union of Concerned Scientists discusses the scrutiny that many climate scientists are reciving about the supposed gap in global warming. Dr. Mann is mentioned.

Dan Satterfield quotes research from a paper published in Nature Scientific Reports by Michael Mann, Stefan Rahmstorf, and many other scientsits to prove that the record in heat in February 2016 was not naturally occuring.

Michael Halpern from Union of Concerned Scientists discusses the House Science Commmittee Chairmans refusal to believe the science behind climate change and the scientists research that has gone into this fact. Dr. Mann's tweet is quoted.


Michael Bastasch from The Daily Caller debates teh idea that there was a 15-year "hiatus" in global warming. Dr. Michael Mann's "hockey stick" curve is mentioned.

Bob Potter from Centre Daily Times reacts to climate change deniers who only choose to believe some of the science out there. He signs Dr. Mann's book Dire Predictions as a book people should read to learn more about the topic

Graham Readfern dicusses climate change denier Mark Steyn. Dr. Michael Mann is mentioned.

Tim McDonnell from Mother Jones, adresses the lack of conversation surrounding climate change in the presidential debates. Dr. Michael Mann, along with other top scientist, propose their own questions for the candidates.

Dr. Michael E. Mann dicusses the topic of climate change in the United States education system.

Dr. Michael E. Mann addresses falsehoods about the topic of human-caused climate change mentioned in a recent letter to the editor.

Graham Readfearn from Independent Austrialia dicusses how the chances of the record heat not being due to manmade greenhouse gases are incredibly slim

Dr. Michael E. Mann uses his research to discuss the probablity of the recent warmth that has occured around the world.

Thom Hartmann from Sputnik News, discusses the science behind the record breaking heat in 2015 and 2014. Dr. Michael Mann helps explain how the probablity of back-to-back record years is increasing

Today Online discusses how 2015 was the hottest year in recorded history in the world and the second-warmest on record for the continental United Sates. Dr. Michael Mann was quoted.


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Rony V. Diaz from The Manila Times, dicsusses ways countries can reduce their carbon emissions to avoid a global increase of 2 degrees celsius.