2016 News

Stefan Rahmstorf conducts a Q&A about the issues discussed in the Reykjavik Arctic Circle Assembly on RealClimate.org 

Read and Listen to Dr. Mann's interview on NPR Science Friday at the links below. 

John Hocevar writes for Greenpeace about the conflict between the extreme weather occuring and the push back from climate deniers.


In an article written my Denise Robbins for Media Matters she discusses how many of the broadcast network's evening news programs did not address climate change in their coverage of Hurricane Matthew. Dr. Mann is mentioned.

Lacy Cooke of Inhabit.com writes about how Hillary Clinton and Al Gore believe that Hurricane Matthew was worsened because of human caused climate change. Dr. Mann is quoted agreeing with Clinton and Gore's beliefs on this issue in an article written by Lacy Cooke for inhabitat.com.

In an article written for fastcoexist.com, Jessica Leber discusses why voters in Florida are starting to prioritize environmental concerns after the Hurricane and other disastrous environmental events and how politicians on both sides are finally listening. 

Oliver Milman from The Guardian discusses findings of research into hurricanes, the spread of wildfires, and the early arrival of spring show that America is already deep into the impacts of climate change. 

Randy Showstack writes for Eos about the Republican presidential candidate sollution of clean coal to fix climate change. Trump also attacked regulation on energy production by the Environmental Protection Agency. Dr. Mann commented on the debate.

Phil Plait with Slate.com warns voters against voting for climate change deniers. He encourages people to look into candidates at all levels. Dr. Mann agrees. 

Climate change may be behind the rise in extreme events, say scientists and the numbers support that relationship in an article written by Eva Botkin-Kowacki for The Christian Science Monitor.

John Schwartz writes for The New York Times about Katharine Hayhoe. Dr. Hayhoe is a climate scientist who works to spread the word about climate change in Texas.

Andrew Seifter discusses whether or not climate change will come up in the second presidential debate and its importance in the election.

Thom Hartmann writes for Alternet about the climate change crisis. He explains how storms like Hurricane Matthew are becoming stronger and more severe. Dr. Mann's quote to the Huffington Post is quoted. 

Phil Plait writes for Slate about the damage Hurricane Matthew could do to the NASA space station in Florida. Dr. Mann's research explaining how global warming has strengthened this storm is used in this article.

A new study says that without 'negative emissions' to help return atmospheric CO2 to 350 ppm, future generations could face costs that 'may become to heavy to bear'. 

In this article written by Lydia O'Connor for The Huffington Post she discusses how unusual it is to have a storm like this to hit in October proving that climate change has a great impact on severe weather. Dr. Mann's science is mentioned. 

The summer heat continues to break records and affecting all outdoor sports, but how will the rising temperatures change baseball. Dr. Mann's climate science is mentioned in the article. 


Global warming is said to be bringing temperatures last seen during an interglacial era, when sea level was 6-9 meters (20-30ft) higher than today. Dr. Mann's science is mentioned in the article by Oliver Milman in The Guardian. 

Dr. Mann writes for The Huffington Post about the dangers Presidental candidate Donald Trump poses to the environment. 

Climate change damage is happening so rapidly that the Paris treat goals for limiting warming may already be unattainable.

Dr. Mann's science and new book are mentioned in this article in the Knoxville News Sentinel written by Gregg Zoroya.