2017 News

Gabriel J Popkin of Inside Science News Service explains how and why climate skeptics have prospered in the blog atmosphere.

Dana Nuccitelli of The Guardian explains how climate denial blogs are misinforming people with poor scientific arguments. 

Look out for Dr. Mann in The Weather Channel Weather Gone Viral  "Saving The Planet" episode on December 3rd at 8 PM ET

Dr. Mann co-authored a new study by Harvey et al published in the American Institute of Biological Sciences explaining the increasing surface temperatures, arctic sea-ice loss, and other evidence of anthropogenic global warming.

This article from phys.org explains how climate change discussions on social media show the large gap between the facts and climate deniers opinions. 

Greg Laden explains how Roger Pielke Junior is providing an interesting and helpful response aiding to the big picture of climate change.

Read Peter J. Fontaine's letter to the editor in The Wall Street Journal.

Chris D'Angelo of Huffington Post explains how Trump's suspension of trophy imports will impact the environment.

Read this Letter to the Editor in The Centre Daily Times about how petroleum and natural gas plastics are threatening our quality of life.

Greg Laden's article for his blog explains the different law suits that climate scientists face.

Matthew R. Francis of Smithsonian magazine explains how the popular scientists took the to the presses to paint a dire picture of what nuclear war might look like. 

Damian Carrington from The Guardian explains the rise in carbon emissions.

Marlowe Hood, of AFP News Agency explains why we need to be doing more to combat climate change.

Dr. Mann discusses why he thinks we have not reached a tipping point in the culture of climate denial. 

Sam Woolfe, writing for The Canary explain how the whole world is involved in climate change and combating global warming.

Steve Hanley of Clean Technica explains the new computer modeling algorithm that can help predict the amount of gases like sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere.

Dr. Mann's commentary in CNN on how to combat climate change in the future

Josh Kurtz and Benjamin Storrow, E&E News Reporters, explain how the elections this Tuesday signify a rebuke to Trump's climate views.

Phys.org explains how a new study finds human-caused global warming is significantly increasing the rate at which hot temperature records are being broken around the world.

Akshat Rathi, writer for Quartz Media, explains what it means for the US now that Syria has signed the Paris climate agreement and we are the only country not agreeing with the accord.