2017 News

Randy Showstack of The American Geophysical Union writing for EOS explains why experts are confused by the White House's climate report.

Steve Hanley of Clean Technica explains the National Climate Report that is an annual assessment mandated by Congress. 

Daniel Arkin, reporter for NBC News, explains why the World Meteorological Organization is warning the world that temperatures could continue to spike, hitting perilous levels by 2100.

Jean-Louis Santini of AFP News Agency explains the growth of renewable energy despite Trump's actions.

Rebecca Leber of Mother Jones explains why scientists are rejoicing after their top foe in Congress decided to retire.

Rebecca Leber of Mother Jones explains how scientists can understand a lot more about how extreme weather affects the intensity of storms. 

Tim Radford for Climate News Network explains how super-storms as severe as Sandy could become more frequent because of rising sea levels 

New Scientists explains the long-term economic effects that global warming will have on our planet. 

Robinson Meyer, writer for The Atlantic, explains how hurricanes and tropical storms will bring more floods to New York and other costal cities. 

Joseph Romm of Climate Progress explains another attempt by Trump's officials to silence scientists. 

Steve Hanley of CleanTechnica explains why it is so unusual for Ireland to experience such a powerful storm.

Lydia O'Connor for Huffington Post explains why it is significant that Ophelia traveled the farthest east that a Category 3 Hurricane has ever traveled in the Atlantic Basin since records began. 

Joseph Romm of Climate Progress explains the record-smashing hurricane Ophelia which slammed into Ireland with 119 mph gusts. 

Great article by Kerry Emanuel and Adam Sobel in the latest APS Physics, Group on Physics of Climate, newsletter. 

Greg Laden introduces The Tantrum that Saved the World, a kick starter fueled campaign to produce a children's book about climate change. Visit the kickstarter here

Bob Berwyn for Pacific Standard explains how the new rule-making process wills tart another lengthy battle over climate regulations.

William Gran, writer for The Recorder, explains why Katrina, Sandy, Harvey, Irma, and Maria are obvious signs that climate change is worsening.