2017 News

This article in Carbon Brief shows us a map visualizing the climate change conversation on Twitter, produced by John Swain of Right Relev

Rebecca Leber of Mother Jones discusses how Lamar Smith has some new weapons in his battle against the nation's scientists. 

Dr. Michael E. Mann's op-ed in The Hill on President Donald J. Trump and his climate denial dream team. 

Marie Cusick of NPR's State Impact discusses President Trump's impact on American energy companies in the two weeks that he has been in o

The Reuters staff explains how European Council President Donald Tusk calls on Europeans to stick together to avoid domination by three o

Alex Kirby of Climate News Network  discusses the human actions that have made 2016 the hottest year recorded. 

Michael E. Mann and Susan Joy Hassol collaborate on an article in Scientific American.

Laura Geggel, senior writer of LiveScience, discusses how the administration of President Donald Trump has removed what was a climate cha

Ian Johnston, environment correspondent for independent.co.uk, discusses researchers discover that ocean temperatures 125,000 years ago,

Amina Kahn, contact reporter for the LA Times, writes that the 1.78-degree jump over the mid-20th century average marks the third year in

Julia Franz comments on Dr. Mann and Tom Toles' The Madhouse Effect.

Paul a. Offit of the Daily Beast discusses how climate denialists have been able to hide behind very misleading science.

Seth Borestein, AP Science Writer of Washington, summarizes the extreme heat and harsh weather disasters that the United States experienc

Dr. Mann's commentary for Columbia University/Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Center for Climate and Life.

Paul A Offit discusses the consequencesof the fact that the incoming Trump administration seems to be in a competition with itself to pre

Ian Graber-Stiehl of The daily Dose explains why you should care about the governments attacks on climate scientists.

Hank Lacey's commentary in Natural Resources Today on the Trump administration and specifically his EPA transition team.

Scott Jaschik of Inside Higher Ed explains why D.C. appeals court rules that bloggers who compared Dr.