2017 News

Eric Wolff of Politico explains how President Trump's policies could release billions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere in the comi

James G. Dyke from worldpoliticsreview.com explains what is next for the science community under the Trump administration.

Media Matters writer, Kevin Kalhoefer explains how the media coverage of the March For Science that included a famed climate science deni

Marlene Cimons explains that because of rising sea levels inland cities will become more congested.  

Mark Hand from Think Progress describes how Tens of thousands demonstrated their love for science on Earth Day.

Thom Hartmann of AlterNet explains how people are getting rich by destroying the planet. 

Jay Michaelson of thedailybeast.com explains how the war against science is being fought by the Republican Party in ways the public does

Sharon Lerner of The Intercept explains why thousands of scientists around the world march to protest a regime that has dramatically cut

Watch Dr. Mann's speech at the March for Science on Earth Day in Washington D.C.

Joel Achenbach, Ben Guarino, and Sarah Kapalan of the Washington Post explains why thousands came to Washington D.C.

Jamie Henn, contributor for The Washington Post, discusses how the march for science is a great intro to political change.

Watch Dr. Mann's speech at March for Science Earth Day 2017

Vaidehi Shah of Eco-Business provides a comprehensive article of everything you need to know to increase your environmental knowledge for

Dr. Mann's commentary on the disastrous affects of climate change for Foreign Affairs 

Kevin Kalhoefer, writer for media matters, discusses how President Donald Trump and the Republican Party have demonstrated an alarming disregard for science

Juan Cole of The Nation explains how the CO2 in the atmosphere is doing as much damage as poisonous gas being dropped on Syrians. 

Joe Romm, founding editor of Climate Progress, discusses how the times is rejecting their search for truth by defending their choice of h