2017 News

Andrew Freedman, of Mashable, explains how climate change is affecting summer weather events.

Emily Atkin, of New Republic, explains why conservatives saying environmentalists are hypocrites if they consume more energy than the average American is a deceitful, disingenuous argument. 

Craig K Comstock's thoughtful commentary on the framing of climate change for Huffington Post.

Dino Granodni, writer for The Washington Post, explains how differing opinions can be okay.

Joe Romm, of Climate Progress, explains why climatologist Michael Mann says 'Pruitt is in violation of basic standards of ethical conduct'

Professor Michael Mann's interview with Lindsay E. Beyerstein of Rewire discussing why the Trump administration denies basic science.

Dr. Mann's interview with Courtney Barrow of AccuWeather about climate change and avoiding disaster.

Caroline Haskins of Motherboard explains why we cannot know how many places are unprepared for upcoming decades of climate change. 

Ayana Byrd of Colorlines explains why researchers believe the Paris climate agreement may not have considered all relevant data.

Tate Williams of Inside Philanthropy writes about how the Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry's family is now helping "resist" the Trump Era.

Bob Berwyn, Pacific Standard magazine writer, explains how severe thunderstorms and cold snaps are costly climate disasters affecting the U.S. and Europe.

Adam Levy and Michael Mann discuss whether Al Gore being a figurehead for climate change is a good thing.

Jeff Goodell, writer for Rolling Stone, explains how Trump's EPA chief is gutting the agency, defunding science, and serving the fossil-fuel industry.

Emily Atkin of New Republic exposes the legal attacks, internet harassment, and the Trump-fueled "culture of fear" that is making it more difficult than ever to be a climate scientists. 

Elana Gordon, writing for Newsworks explains how historic weather libraries can hep scientists with understanding our future climate.

Read John Abraham's profile of Kevin Trenberth, one of the world's foremost climate scientists in The Guardian.

Michael Mann views the US statesman, Al Gore's, second film probing climate change.

Financial Tribune explains how a new study has found that the temperature baseline used in the Paris climate agreement may have discounted a century's worth of human-caused global warming.

Richard Heinberg of Post Carbon Institute's thoughtful commentary via CommonDreams about a highly publicized controversy over the efficacy of plans for a comprehensive transition to an all-renewable energy future.