2017 News

Marianne Lavelle of Inside Climate News how EPA Official David Schnare is now working with President Donald Trump.

Dr. Michael E. Mann's commentary for Undark Magazine

In Vaidehi Shah of Eco-Business discusses that climate change deniers now hold the highest political office in the world, and Australasia

Susan Hassol and Michael Mann work together on a piece for New Scientist about the latest attempt to resurrect climate change deniers' fa

Tina Perinotto of The Fifth Estate discusses how the science community is looking toward a brighter future even during a Trump Presidency

Olivia Richter of The Eagle, the American University newspaper, explains why scientists are getting political during this Trump administr

Stefan Rahmstorf at Real climate discusses how climate scientists have known distortion, false information, conspiracy theories, and hack

Peter Hannam of The Sydney Morning Herald discusses how climate scientists like Dr.

Anthony Sharwood of The Huffington Post shares Dr. Michael Mann's message for Trump on how to make America great again.

Peter Kalmus of Yes Magazine, pleads scientists on the front lines of climate change to speak from the heart. 

Michael Mann and Christopher Wright collaborate in this opinion piece for The Guardian.They discuss why we must shift away from a culture

Lisa Song, columnist for Inside Climate News, discusses how many researchers brace more anti-science government interference after Trump'

John Abraham of The Guardian's must read article on how David Rose penned an attack on climate science described by experts as "so wrong

Sharon Lerner of The Intercept_  discuses why the House Committee on Science wants to undermine health regulations using a strategy cooke

Masuma Ahuja of CNN Politics, announces that Earth Day was picked for a Science march on Washington to show President Trump and his cabin

Susan Snyder, staff writer for philly.com, discusses the attacks science professors face from conservatives groups and the publics attemp

Elissa Hill, writer for Onward State, introduces Science ON Tap.

Colleen Flaherty, columnists for inside higher ed, writes about how the AAUP says institutions need to defend professors targeted for onl

Read Dr. Michael E. Mann's commentary about a climate change denier op-ed that appeared recently in The Trentonian. 

Ian Johnston, environmental correspondent for indpendent.co.uk, writes about how Michael Mann, one of the world's leading climatologists,