2018 News

Brian Kahn of Earther explains how oil companies have woken up to the reality of climate change. 

Joseph Romm of Climate Progress explains the impacts of global warming that are making nor'easters more instense.

Lydia O'Conner of Huffington Post explains the reason behind the frequency of Nor'easters this March.

Olivia Rosane of EcoWatch explains how new research finds that extreme winters are two-to-four times more likely to occur on the East Coast when the Arctic is warmer than average.

Jason Samenow of The Capital Weather Gang explains how a study shows that arctic temperature spikes, dwindling ice, and severe winter weather are all connected. 

Amina Kahn of the Los Angeles Times explains how extreme winter weather across the United States is linked to Arctic warming, especially in the eastern states.

Matt Smith of Seeker explains why the Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet. 

Kiley Kroh from Think Progress explains why John Kelly, the White House chief of staff, killed the idea of Scott Pruitt's climate debate. 

Robyn Williams of ABC Radio National ABC Science congratulates Michael Mann on being awarded the Award for Public Engagement with Science from the American Association of the Advancement of Science.

Dr. Mann's interview with Maria Armoudian of Public Interest Media New Zealand.

Gabrielle Monaghan of The Times and The Sunday Times explains why life-threatening weather emergencies are keeping the Irish people confined indoors for days at a time.

Dwayne Harmon of Newburgh Gazette explains how the freak warming around the North Pole that sent a blast of Arctic air over Europe could happen more frequently.

John R. Platt, from The Revelator, wrote a glowing review of the Dr. Mann's new book.

Robin Bravender, E&E News reporter, explains Scott Pruitt's efforts to promote a public climate science debate. 

Eleanor Ainge Roy, writing for The Guardian, explains how the traditional scale for storms is not accommodating to the increasing intensity of storms. 

Dr. Mann writes about his new book with Megan Herbert from the New Scientist.

Joe Romm of Think Progress explains why the planet keeps heating up and melting ice at a 'frightening' pace.

Dr. Mann's latest interview with Steve Curwood for PRI Public Radio International PRI's Living on Earth.

John Bacon of USA today explains why EPA chief Scott Pruitt defended flying first class on the government tab by saying the 'toxic environment politically' has led to uncomfortable interactions with travelers and security concerns.

Victoria University of Wellington explains why the Samoan Prime Minister and climate change action advocate created a climate change conference in Wellington.