2018 News

Bob Berwyn, writing for Inside Climate News, explains the impact of climate change on hurricanes in Hawaii. 

Dr. Mann's interview with A Public Affair host Esty Dinur on WORT FM Public Radio Wisconsin. 

Dr. Mann's message to students starting college and returning to campus.

Dr. Mann's letter to the editor in the Sunbury PA, The Daily Item, endorsing Marc Friedenberg for Congress.

Podcast featuring Noah Diffenbaugh, Jennifer Francis, and Michael Mann via TUC Radio. 

Scott Waldman and Niina Heikkinen in E&E News' must read piece.

A new report by David Spratt and Ian Dunlop with a forward by Hans Schellnhuber via the Breakthrough National Center for Climate Restoration.

Jill Mitchler's commentary in The Post-Crescent (Appleton-Fox Cities, Wisconsin).

William Wilkes, Hayley Warren and Brian Parkin, writing for Bloomberg Markets, discuss the numbers behind Germany's environmental issues.

Hank Reichman, writing for the American Association of University Professors piece for Academe Blog.

The MIT Technology Review explains how the current heat may be a sign of more heat to come.

Andrei Mihai of ZME Science explains the new update from YouTube.

Dr. Mann talks with Jackson Schroeder of The University Network about the causes and solutions to todays wildfires. 

Joe Sandler Clark writing for Greenpeace Unearthed shows images of wildfires around the world.

Maddie Stone, writing for Gizmodo, examines the 'Hothouse Earth' paper.

Don Paul's commentary for The Buffalo News explains the connection between climate change and wildfires.

A mid-depth dive into the science of climate change and heat waves by Real Climate writer Rasmus Benestad.

Dr. Mann weighs in at ABC News joined by ABC's meteorologist extraordinaire Rob Marciano.