2018 News

Jungeun Kim, Jennifer Ki, and Euan McKirdy of CNN discuss the deadly heatwave in South Korea.

Dr. Mann's interview on climate change and extreme weather with Jeremy Hobson on NPR/WBUR.

Michael Mann's interview on climate change and recent weather news with Paul Ross.

Michael Boren of The Philadelphia Inquirer explains exactly how climate change is affecting the city of Philadelphia.

Christa Marshall, E&E News reporter, explains how Trump's plans to nominate University of Oklahoma meteorologist Kelvin Droegemeier differ from the opinions of his team.

Lydia O'Connor, writing for Huffington Post explains how global warming could make areas too warm for human habitation.

Joseph Romm of Think Progress/Climate Progress criticizes the recent New York Times climate story.

Dr. Michael E. Mann's interview with Dimitri Lascaris of The Real News Network.

Michael Mann's Interview with Thom Hartmann: "As Science Improves Climate Change Forecast Gets Hotter". 

Michael Mann's presentation at MUSE in Trento, Italy on Dr. Mann's new book Mad House Effect.

Michael Mann's interview with KALW on Trump's EPA.

Michael Mann's interview with Dan Heyman of Public News Service about the climate event in Charleston WV.

Dr. Mann interviewed with Roland Pease of BBC World Service on climate change and Cat 6 hurricanes. (Jump to 9:20 into the segment)

Michael Mann interview for Penn State The McCourtney Institute for Democracy on the Hockey Stick and the future of expertise.

Randy Showstack of Eos discusses Trumps vow to exit the United States from the Paris climate pact with Dr.

Emily Atkin from The New Republic explains why scientists are tearing their hair out over baseless myths about the erupting volcano in Ha