2018 News

Stephen Waldron from AAAS congratulates Dr. Mann on his science communication efforts, current research, and several publications.

Doyle Rice of USA Today, explains the extreme seal level rise seen all around the world.

Brandon Miller of CNN, explains how climate change is impacting how quickly sea level is rising.

Timothy Cama, writer for The Hill, explains how EPA head Scott Pruitt is getting bolder in quesitoning climate change.

Read this opinion piece by Karen Elias in The Express, Lock Haven, PA

Charlie May of Salon, explains why EPA head Scott Pruitt thinks climate change maybe not be so bad.

Chris D'Angelo of The Huffington Post explains why state legislators are trying to change the education standards in Idaho.

Oliver Milman of The Guardian writes about another comment from EPA head Scott Pruitt that proves once again that he his a climate change denier. 

Ishaan Tharoor, writing for the Washington Post, explains how President Trump has continued to ignore climate change. 

Dr. Mann's Op-Ed with James Powell in The New York Times about Rebekah Mercer's family foundation and how they fund groups that deny climate change.

Bob Berwyn of Inside Climate News explains how the Jet stream has weakened over the past several decades and the impact on climate change.

Katie M. Palmer and Matt Simon from The Wired explain everything you need to know about what humans can do to stop wrecking the planet.

Dana Nuccitelli, writing for The Guardian, explains why it is dangerous to accept Trump's ignorance.

Scott K. Johnson, writing for Ars Technica, explains how a new record of past climate proves that we are indeed warmer than we've ever been as a planet.

Matt Smith of The Seeker explains how a new study seeks to pin down how much global temperatures are likely to rise with a doubling CO2 in the atmosphere compared to the pre-industrial era.

Dan Merica and Brandon Miller,  writing for CNN explains Trumps false claims that the ice caps were setting records for how much they are not melting.

Sammy Roth of USA Today explains how the state of the climate is not as strong as Trump suggests. 

Dr. Mann's latest interview with Steve Curwood with Public Radio International.

Dr. Mann's podcast of panel discussion from the Climate One Schneider Award event

Robin Pogrebin and Somini Sengupta from The New York Times explains why more than 200 scientists and academics are asking the American Museum of Natural History to remove Rebekah Mercer from its board.