2018 News

This article in the Portland Press Herald explains how Hurricane Michael is growing stronger. 

The Hilltop Monitor article explains why scientists are warning the public about climate change. 

Matthew Adams for The Conversation explains how we need more action to achieve 1.5 degrees of warming. 

Joseph Romm, writing for Climate Progress, explains the impact of global warming on Hurricane Michael. 

John Sutter writing for CNN with a featured tweet by Dr. Michael Mann.

6abc Action News explains the importance of climate change in todays news.

Jackson Schroeder, writing for The University Network explains how Global Warming will affect wild fires.

Stephanie Ebbs wrote this great piece on the new IPCC report on Paris climate targets for ABC News.

Joseph Romm, writing for The Climate Progress explains why President Trump is so dangerous to our climate. 

Stephen Leahy, writing for National Geographic, explains how climate change could be worse than expected. 

Dave McMillion of the Herald-Mail Media explains why climate experts said the Hagerstown region can expect more 'extremes'.

Marlowe Hood of AFP News Agency, writing via Yahoo News, explains how the climate is changing quickly.

Steve Kannon, writing for The Observer explains how the weather is going to get even worse. 

Art Hobson's great column in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette about climate change deniers. 

Farron Cousins and The Ring of Fire Radio explains why we need to take climate change seriously. 

John Atcheson, writing from Common Dreams explains how climate change's catastrophe is still a threat.

An interesting essay on The Hockey Stick and the politics surrounding it, by Wendy Hui Kyong Chun for E-Flux.

Brendan Montague, writing for The Ecologist, explains how the intergovernmental panel on climate change has been attacked by free market think tanks funded by oil.