2018 News

Kevin Silman of Penn State News discusses Michael Mann's presentation, The Dire Predictions,  Understanding Climate Change, at the first

DR Tucker, writing for Washington Monthly explains how climate change has impacted Hurricane Florence.

Rev Jesse Jackson, writing for the Philadelphia Tribune explaining how not reacting to the recent storms is dangerous.

PRI Public Radio International explains how women climate scientist are being uniquely harassed and threatened.

Brandon Miller of CNN explains how climate change is affecting storms.

Dana Drugmand, writing for Climate Liability News explains why the costs for Florence will hopefully be a wake up call for costal states.

Jesse Jackson, writing for the Chicago Sun Times, explains how Trump is hurting the country via his climate change denial.

Don Paul for The Buffalo News apologizes for a previous article.

Andy Rowell, writing for Common Dreams, explains how the various typhoons and hurricanes in the tropics could affect the United States.

Must read editorial just out in The New York Times written by the editorial board.

Nicole Mortilaro of CBS news explains the impact of climate change on hurricanes. 

Rachel Becker, writing for The Verge, explains how hurricanes stalling over land may happen more often.

Lisa Hymas, writing for Media Matters for America, examines why USA Today is still publishing climate misinformation. 

Dr. Mann's latest op-ed in The Guardian discussing the most recent hurricane.

Seth Borenstein via AP/Chicago Tribune explains exactly how climate change has affected hurricanes and tropical storms.

The New Delhi Times explains how climate change and wildfires are connected.

Michael Biesecker and Jonathan Drew, writing for the Miami Herald, explains how the threat of Florence is not over.

Kyle Bagenstose of The Intelligencer explains how hurricane Florence could be linked to climate change.

Dr. Mann's interview with Paul Huttner of MPR News about how rising temperatures are affecting hurricanes.