2019 News

"The Supreme Court decided Monday not to intervene in a defamation suit by Michael Mann against National Review." by Devan Cole for CNN.

Brendan Montague reviews on the Climategate Email Hack via Desmog

Melanie Dawn discusses the errors Forbes made in their recent article about climate debate.

BBC Four reveals story behind a hacking case that derailed a UN conference and tried to sway nations on global concern via Suzi Feay of F

Mark Kaufman for Mashable discusses the worst reasons to quit the Paris Climate Pact.

Andrew Buncombe for Independent states that the fires in California are not new, but getting more serve than ever due to climate change.

Matthew Rozsa's ariticle on explaining the impacts of climate change on California Wildfires via Salon.

Don Paul explains why global warming can cause cooling in some parts on the planet via The Buffalo News.

Dr. Mann Speaks at PBS Newshour on intensifying catastrophic wildfires.

Dr. Mann coauthors with other scientists warning the health risks of climate change in older people via Healio

Dr. Mann's interview with Deborah Snow of The Sydney Morning Herald.

Peter Sinclair explains why hurricanes could linger longer and become more extreme under warmer climate via Yale Climate Connections.

"The city of Burlington is taking more steps to address climate change" by Erin Brown via WCAX.

Dr. Mann talked with Brian Wong, editor-in-chief of the Oxford Political Review, on the hope of resisting climaae change.

Kimberly Miller's article on the development of Hurricane Michael because of the warmer gulf water via Jacksonville

Introduced by the University of Vermont, Famed scientist to speak on climate change denial in the age of Trump.

Sophie Ruehr's article on the evidence left behind by ancient hurricanes via Inside Climate News.



Listen to Dr. Mann's live session for the SDG Acedemy onlie course.