2019 News

Steve Hanley, writing for Cleantechnica, explains why Trump's climate war is a catastrophic event for American.

"A green wave is sweeping through Washington, and it’s picking up Republicans who are eager to share their ideas on clean energy and climate change." by Science Friday.

Kevin Foley speaks out for opposing war brought by the Republican on climate change on Marietta Daily Journal.

Eric Scicchitano tells us what is the true cause of damaged tress at R.B river via Dailyitem.

Andrew Freedman describes the big picture of climate science that has solified post-Paris Decision via Axios.

Mathew Rozsa had an interview with Presidential candidate Jay Inslee via Salon.

Kate Wheeling via Psmag discusses that the president is limiting the scope of federal climate assessments, leaving policmakers and the public unprepared to deal with climate change.

Joe Romm talking about Facebook escalating war on truth with fake Pelosi Video.

Elizabeth Weise and Doyle Rice explains the driven force behind a series of extreme weather event during May on USA TODAY.

"President Trump administration has escalated its crusade against policies combating climate change by attacking the science behind globa

Leslie Felperin writes an review for climate change film 'Ice on Fire" documentary directed by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Will Bunch explains why Jay Inslee with a plan for saving Earth is at 0.8 percent in the poll via The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Matther Rozsa's article about Trump his administration planning on easier environmental standards to allow more air pollution via Salon

"Just how bad of an attorney general was Trump's likely new "Immigration Czar"? ..." by Blue Virginia.

"If the climate-wreckers in the coalition think we're going to go away quietly, they've got another thing coming," says Andrea Germanos.

Oliva Rosane explains losses for our earth from Australia's climate election via EcoWatch.

Joe Romm discusses the unexpected victory of conservatives in Australia's election is bad news for the future of global climate action via thinkprogress.