2019 News

Andy Rowell discusses via EcoWatch on us being part of Exxon's Uncharted Climate Experiment for now.

Dr. Mann's op-ed on Jordan Harris' recent commentay in his paper "The Green New Deal is Really the 'Green Scare' over climate change" via Courier Journal.

Kyla Mandel describes how accurate Exxon had predicted in 1982 about the global carbon emissions level today via Thinkprogess.

Yasemin Saplakoglu and Staff writer says on Livescience that Carbon Dioxide had break the there is more cabon dioxide inthe atmosphere th

Pete Bouchard explains why the recent cold weather is still lingering around.

A talk via the Real News on the  reality of climate change crisis.

Davis Richardson discusses Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calling Arctic's melting ice caps "new opportunities for trade" on Observer.

Stony Brook held its annual week-long Earth stock celebration in celebration of Earth Day.

Author of Times of India explains how climate change had turned Fani a severe hurricane.

Katie Neitz reports and discusses the lecture given by Dr. Michael Mann on April 16 at Lafayette.

National Center for Science Education introduces its new members Michael Mann and Michael B. Lubic.

Poala Rosa-Aquino writes an article on whether Facebook is trying to solve fake news by partnering w

Michael Mann's interview with The Young Turks' on how to fight climate change deniers.

Joe Romm wrote an article on Facebook founder and CEO keeping dashing hope of a positive force from a media platform in the fight against

Dr. Mann wrote an OP-ED response for Observer Reporter on Dave Ball's April 20's commentary. 

Douglas John Imbrogno wrote an article via Changing Climate Times Newsletter on if "changing our lightbulbs really stop climate armageddo

Michael E. Mann, a climate scientist at Penn State University, and Michael B.